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Success as a financial officer isn’t just about the numbers

Dramatic industry shifts prompted by increased regulation, new calls for transparency, rapid advances in technology and uncertain economic and geopolitical conditions are increasing demands on finance teams. That means excelling as a financial officer today comes down to more than knowledge of just dollars and cents.

High-level financial officers need an impressive—and hard-to-find—skill set. Not only do they need strategic financial skills in capital planning, mergers and acquisitions, business planning, investor relations, tax and financial planning and analysis, but they also need business acumen. They must be capable of growing a business through disruption and managing through change. At the same time, they’re responsible for guaranteeing the integrity of the organization’s financial condition and reported results. They have the ultimate responsibility for enhancing shareholder value by controlling risks and managing costs—and surviving scrutiny from regulators, the board of directors and shareholders.

Our solutions help organizations like yours address the pressing challenge of finding high-caliber finance professionals. Whether you’re a public or private equity-backed organization, a venture capital firm, a startup or a nonprofit, we offer strategic search services and competency-based assessments to ensure that your hires are the perfect fit for your organization and its culture. We also help you develop a sound succession plan, with engaging, interactive high-potential leadership development programs, one-on-one coaching and strategic talent design.

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How we can help

Our Financial Officer Center of Expertise helps you attract, develop and retain chief financial officers and senior finance executives who possess best-in-class leadership, finance and operational skills. We leverage a deep database and broad industry coverage to source qualified outside talent, and we deliver smart solutions for identifying and cultivating talent from within. Once these financial leaders are in place, we build comprehensive organizational solutions that train, support, compensate and retain them. This ensures that you have a strong talent foundation that will maximize your organization’s productivity and secure a sound financial future.

Here are some of the challenges we can help you address:

Attracting, hiring and engaging top financial talent

As convergence, consolidation and globalization redefine the finance function, the need to balance planned growth with shrinking margins means organizations are looking for agile and strategic finance leadership that can excel in the face of change. But this talent is hard to find, and the market is exceedingly competitive. Finding outside candidates requires in-depth sector knowledge and strong relationships. Our experts help you:

  • Create a clear employee value proposition that attracts and motivates top talent
  • Leverage our proprietary databases, methods and tools focused on talent sourcing, development and assessment to identify and engage the right emerging leaders to support your business goals
  • Ensure a cultural fit and improve the likelihood of a successful placement by giving you a full picture of each candidate using our proprietary assessments

Building a comprehensive financial leadership succession plan

The ability to identify qualified internal CFO candidates and develop a thoughtful succession strategy is critical. But most organizations don’t concentrate on building their leadership pipeline, so they don’t have confidence that there’s a ready-now successor for their position. We help you:

  • Evaluate your talent to determine whether you have the talent you need for the future using our Success Profiles
  • Assess how to allocate your resources between developing high-potential candidates and recruiting outside leaders to fill your bench
  • Establish a leadership development program that accelerates the finance function’s capabilities, contributions and impact

Leading diversity and inclusion efforts

Even with campaigns to attract and hire more diverse candidates, financial services teams struggle to find qualified candidates of color and female candidates. We help you take a more systematic approach to diversity and inclusion.

  • Identify and eradicate exclusionary preferential patterns and root out unconscious bias using data-driven diagnostics
  • Enable leaders and employees to recognize and mitigate bias to improve behavioral inclusion through customized learning journeys
  • Deliver high-impact career advancement programs for underrepresented talent segments to build a diverse pipeline of future leaders

Leading the digital transformation of finance

To survive in these competitive times, the finance function must develop technology literacy. Financial leaders must know how to deploy technology to gather and analyze data in real time to make decisions and streamline processes. We help you create the key frameworks you need for digital transformation:

  • Build a culture that supports digitalization, including risk-taking, so you can fully leverage the power of financial technology
  • Assess and develop the skills you need to form an agile team of financial professionals, including the ability to grow and innovate as well as people skills
  • Develop strong employer branding to attract qualified talent and more deeply engage existing team members

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