Providing expertise, data, and content—with Success Profiles™ and the Intelligence Cloud platform— Korn Ferry built a global job architecture that drives performance and innovation.

Innovation at the heart of strategy

An international chemical company has innovation at the heart of its strategy with 24,000 patents either registered or pending. Nearly 10% of its 33,000 employees work in Research & Development roles, based in 30 global locations and production facilities.

The challenge

Gaining clarity through HR tech adaption

The company needed to maximize the use and value of job profiles across different geographies, job levels and functions. Their existing job catalogue didn’t translate well across roles in different parts of the organization. Therefore, it was hard for HR teams to consistently compare or assess similar roles.

The solution

More than a platform – leveraging data insights

Without robust data to provide insights, it was proving difficult to see the future shape of the workforce and grow the international chemical company’s talent from within the company. The immediate priority was to provide the client and their technology partner with meaningful test data for Workday job profiles. Korn Ferry’s proprietary library of Success Profiles were an invaluable starting point with ready-made, externally validated profiles.

Every technology platform—no matter how sophisticated—is just a tool at the end of the day. It’s the insight and content that make the difference in extending the value of the platform, especially when job architecture data across every location and market is provided.

“That’s where Korn Ferry proprietary data and insights proved critical as it includes expertise gained from 50 years of helping organizations to change.”

The results

Architecture across the employee lifecycle

Korn Ferry delivered on the immediate priority of filling the gaps in the Workday HR system and achieved rapid time to value. As a result, the chemical company’s HR team has been better equipped and more in tune with individuals’ needs, wherever they are on the employee lifecycle.

Today, there’s a clear view of leaders and managers across the company's talent landscape. Employees can access support in Workday that’s focused on success in their current roles and provides next steps for career advancement.

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