Shifting your hiring model to incorporate interim talent can change how your organization hires—for the better. Download our guide to learn how to equip yourself with the best partner and prep your team for an agile talent strategy.

In this climate, interim talent and contract talent is quickly becoming an effective and agile way to fill key roles in short timeframes and essentially 'buy time' while organizations go through hiring processes for permanent director, executive, C-suite or professional appointments. The proof is in the numbers: 80% of large corporations plan to increase their use of flexible workers in the coming years, while 90% of companies are moving to a blend of permanent and supplemental talent.

Flexibility has long been a priority for employers and employees, but the weight given to work/life balance by high-performing talent at an all-time high. Accordingly, increasing numbers of executives and professionals with coveted business acumen and leadership skillsets are pursuing interim work to meet their flexibility and lifestyle preferences. This means that the available talent pool of interim managers and skilled talent is richer than ever before.

“During turbulent economic times, nimble companies that can adapt to changing market dynamics and activate new projects at speed are the ones that thrive." explains Michael Distefano, CEO of Professional Search and Interim Talent at Korn Ferry. "Those companies often leverage a well-planned interim workforce to achieve their goals.”

To stay ahead of changes, DiStefano adds, you need “a strategy partner for driving transformation, innovation, growth, and high-performance through interim talent rather than just an interim talent provider".

To help organizations incorporate interim into their talent mix and learn how to use interim to accelerate growth and make smarter choices, Korn Ferry has created an Interim Talent Buyers' Guide.

How can interim and contract talent benefit your organization’s workforce?

It is common for organizations to take a siloed view of interim hiring: a specific department needs a lead for a specific project, for example, or a team needs a skills gap plugged immediately. But the most effective interim solutions are always part of a bigger talent strategy, while also addressing immediate needs.

Korn Ferry’s Interim Talent Buyers’ Guide explains the numerous benefits that interim and contract talent can bring to a workforce. Among the advantages are improved agility—rapid access to an in-demand workforce ready to scale up or down as the business needs dictate, while minimizing interruption to the business’ day-to-day operations.

Interim Executives & Professionals

Adapt and accelerate with interim talent

How do you ensure high-quality talent when hiring interim and contract workers?

The only way to determine the right interim strategy provider for your business is to ask plenty of questions. But what should those questions be? Our guide shares the right questions to ask when determining which kind of partner can service your interim and contract talent requirements, and we also provide Korn Ferry's responses to these questions to serve as a baseline when comparing other possible options.

What sets us apart is our approach to interim. We do more than just find the interim talent to fill your key roles. Our focus is on helping you achieve the right outcomes—through proven interim executives and professionals who have delivered time and time again. We work with you to ensure the right talent is rapidly selected, prepared and onboarded so they can hit the ground running, as well as lay the groundwork for a deeper, more involved interim strategy.

Download our guide to get a deeper understanding of how you can effectively incorporate interim talent into your workforce strategy. The guide explores:

  • A holistic approach to your interim talent needs
  • How to solve the toughest business challenges with interim
  • Our model for tackling the interim equation
  • The right questions to ask a potential interim talent partner
  • How to make the case for change with your stakeholders
  • What to expect when partnering with us
  • How Korn Ferry Interim fits within your overall talent strategy

As part of the decision-making process, we also provide insight into partnering with Korn Ferry by taking you through our process, including case studies to detail the breadth of our interim solutions.

Determining your interim strategy partner is no easy feat, and it is one that requires sufficient due diligence to find the partner who can accelerate your growth and drive transformation at a time of change and uncertainty. Use this Interim Talent Buyers' Guide to shed light on today's interim challenges, enable you to create a strong business case, and take the guesswork out of selecting the interim talent partner that is right for you.

Read the full guide or speak to an interim expert today.

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