Why and How to Redefine Your Innovation Strategy

“Innovation” is a popular buzzword in organizations. Everyone wants to implement an innovation strategy that takes their business to the next level, yet all too often enterprise innovation efforts fall well short of their ambitions.

The reason is that the traditional strategies of innovation focus on tools and processes over the people who need to collaborate to solve problems together.

Teams are becoming more diverse and more distributed, and the challenges they are facing feel increasingly intractable—we must rethink how we deploy and scale innovation and put collaboration and people at the forefront.

We need to disrupt the status quo of work. We need to create waves of change to keep up with, and surpass, the times.

Our eBook, Beyond Innovation as Usual, details how organizations can cultivate this disruptive innovation approach.

The Benefits of Disruptive Innovation

In this eBook, we break down how to implement five elements of strategy and innovation to create long-term transformation within any organization. These elements address the hidden roadblocks to innovation that we often can’t see, including how to:

  • Define intractable challenges: although the perception is that calling attention to issues disheartens workers or shows weakness, it actually creates more trust with employees. 
  • Include everyone: tapping into front-line employees builds on operational insights and experiences to unlock new possibilities—allowing businesses to maintain productive day-to-day operations while still allotting space and time for innovative input by all.
  • Activate diverse-by-design, inclusive teams: designing and activating teams differently as part of your diversity and inclusion strategies results in dramatically different solutions.
  • Design from the edge, not the center: designing for the overlooked user can increase your offerings for your target audience while expanding your overall reach.
  • Sponsor the change: find the right leader for an inclusive, innovation-focused team that serves as the architect for growth.

In this eBook, you’ll read case studies of companies that have applied this ambitious approach to innovation and generated high-velocity growth for their shareholders and their customers while boosting engagement for employees.

These innovation strategy examples show what is possible when we move past traditional, exclusive, innovation systems and open up the strategy to all employees and customers.

Learn how to ride the wave of innovation rather than be swept away by it.

Download our eBook to learn:

  • How to implement the five success elements of inclusive innovation to move past the stagnant, traditional innovation models.
  • The framework to build a work culture that distributes innovation rather than centralizes it.
  • How designing for the edge user, rather than the majority, can reveal previously unexplored opportunities.
  • The steps for your business to assemble a diverse-by-design team that can expand your company’s depth of divergent thinking in the innovation process.

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