Using the building blocks of Success Profiles™ and the Intelligence Cloud platform, Korn Ferry helped this client implement an IT Career Framework to get the right people in the right roles, now and in the future.

Pushing the boundaries of technology

Korn Ferry’s client, an international food retailer, is pushing the boundaries of technology and in-store experiences. It has 232,000 employees, with 40,000 working in back-office, support and leadership roles. Together, they serve 55 million shoppers every week.

The challenge

Mapping the career journey and moving towards the future of retail

Our international client was among the first to introduce payment-enabled pricing labels in convenience stores and supermarkets across its retail footprint, so that customers could scan and pay for goods directly. Their 3,000-strong IT function is therefore critical to customer experience and driving future growth through innovation. The team was struggling to predict the skills, expertise and specific roles it would need in 2025 and beyond. In essence, what their future IT org chart would look like.

IT roles were dispersed geographically and rooted in different company cultures and processes; therefore the client was having a difficult time accurately and consistently assessing jobs and determining overlap between roles. That meant existing employees also struggled to see their role progression as the company grew.

The solution

Creating the building blocks of success within the IT role

Using the Profile Manager tool within Intelligence Cloud, Korn Ferry helped figure out the next level of detail for job assessment. The first building blocks were Success Profiles —detailed, full descriptions of each and every IT role. Next, Korn Ferry helped map roles into a new structure. The new structure gave people the tools and perspectives they needed and better equipped them to manage their careers. It helped to map career paths into senior positions, and outlined what it takes to be successful.

“The company could see the future, but not how to get there.”

The results

Shaping the future of IT and making it happen

The international retailer’s IT function has been invigorated with a new purpose. Individuals and managers are taking ownership of career planning and development. With Success Profiles and Intelligence Cloud, there are further opportunities to increase career agility and become a data-driven, innovative and future-focused company.

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