Tessenderlo, a leader in niche markets and value chains across many industries, recently partnered with Korn Ferry to enable innovation while driving business agility.

Embracing Innovation and Agility

The Tessenderlo Group, a diversified industrial group that focuses on agriculture, valorizing bio-residuals, energy, and providing industrial solutions, has more than 100 locations globally and a highly skilled workforce of 4,800 people in science, engineering, and industrial and production operations roles. The organization has a vision of ‘every molecule counts’ and embraces innovation and agility as strategic priorities.

Strategic challenges

Diversifying while staying consistent

While speaking with the Tessenderlo team before the project commenced, it became clear that the business was prioritizing needs based on each business unit’s customers and markets due to their diversity across sectors and multiple transformation programs in play. The talent management team did not have a standardized set of HR practices, processes and tools, which led to local HR teams and line managers creating custom tailored processes for talent management and acquisition. In turn, time-to-hire and the overall candidate journey was not consistent across the company.

For line managers, their job became significantly more demanding as they worked to develop their people and performance while trying to keep up with ever-changing HR processes. Employees trying to manage their careers effectively were left with little support or resources. It also became difficult to plan a future workforce without a global talent platform and data to indicate business critical roles and any skills that were highly in demand.

“As our employees are crucial for the long-term sustainable growth of our organization, we needed a global company wide digital platform to improve our talent processes.”
Myriam Lonneville, SVP HR, Tessenderlo Group

What we accomplished

Data driven HR and talent decision making

Korn Ferry worked with Tessenderlo to link different HR technologies and processes together through one digital platform. Through the use of KF Select, KF Pay and KF Assess—apps on Korn Ferry's Intelligence Cloud talent analytics platform — Tessenderlo could now standardize HR processes. With Korn Ferry’s proprietary data, content and unrivaled expertise, Tessenderlo was able to develop a global, accessible platform and methodology to dynamically benchmark any role. With consolidated competencies linked back to each role’s Success Profile that detailed how to perform and succeed in any given role, the team became equipped with data to drive candidate screening, interviewing and hiring decisions.

The results

Centering HR through a digital talent platform

By linking HR processes across a diversified organization, HR teams were able to focus on their intended daily tasks, leading to efficiency gains. Today, the Intelligence Cloud platform helps support more integrated workflows, creating consistency in hiring and reducing lead-in time, helping Tessenderlo's HR teams to be more effective by focusing on outcomes. These standardized processes have freed up time and given greater clarity on roles and competencies. As a result, the business can find better candidates faster and ensure they’re the right fit. With Intelligence Cloud, Tessenderlo has a digital talent platform that’s ready today and can grow in the future.