The 2024 Essentials (Midyear Version)

The biggest stories and insights on the job market, the new-look office, AI, and more. 

All the “hot” job market seems to be doing is making people hot and bothered. AI might stand for Already Irritating. The changes in office life are thrilling some and angering others. There’s a lot of anxiety for leaders to contend with in 2024.

But the big issue, for both job seekers and employers, is a frustrating job market that seemingly nobody is happy about, despite low unemployment and a huge number of openings. That’s why we at Korn Ferry are devoting two parts of our midyear edition of The Essentials to it. The first explores why everyone is so upset (as well as some ways to alleviate their distress). The second offers job seekers concrete tips for making their search more effective (hint: it might not always involve switching organizations). Plus, our award-winning Briefings Podcast takes a look at how leaders at all levels can tackle some of the biggest challenges of 2024.

Essentials: The UGH! Job Market

Why is a market with low unemployment and a high number of job openings making no one happy?

Essentials: The Evolving Office Life

New RTO rules. New start times. New quitting times. New office furniture. New work friends. There’s a lot of change going on in the workplace in 2024.

Essentials: How to Find a New Role in 2024

The competition has never been stiffer, and technology might be working against you—but Korn Ferry’s experts have got tips and techniques to get you in the door and help you ace the interview.

Essentials: AI’s Not-Quite Takeover

We don’t have machine bosses yet, and we might not for awhile. Indeed, AI dreams met reality this year.

Essentials: Briefings Podcast

Want to know what to do about pay raises, promotion cycles, peak performance, and more? Check out our entertaining podcast, hosted by Korn Ferry’s chief marketing officer, Jill Wiltfong.