Essentials: Briefings Podcast

Want to know what to do about pay raises, promotion cycles, peak performance, and more? Check out our entertaining podcast, hosted by Korn Ferry’s chief marketing officer, Jill Wiltfong.

How do you advance your career when most organizations are cutting back on the number of people they promote? Why “peak performance” might not be a goal to strive for. Can older employees work well with the latest batch of twentysomethings in the office? There’s been no shortage of big corporate leadership issues for our award-winning podcast to tackle in 2024.

In this Essentials, we highlight some of our favorite episodes of 2024. Click here to check out the entire Briefings Podcast archive.

Promotion Puzzle 2024

With companies projected to promote 10% fewer employees this year, a top career coach shares how you can still move up the corporate ladder.​

The Myth of ‘Peak’ Performance

How do you drive top performance in workers without burning them out? The author of a new book on the topic and an Olympic medalist highlight how it can be done.

Work in the Age of Ageism

Half of workers age 50 to 59 will lose their job at some point. Are they—and other older workers—getting pushed out? We talk to a job-seeking senior and a top career coach about how senior workers can improve their standing.

The Unstuck Career

Experts say people are struggling to climb the corporate ladder in this economy. Two top career experts discuss how to get out of a career rut.

Giving Workers Bad News… The Good Way?

How top corporate players deliver difficult news to employees could be the difference between courageous leadership and going viral in all the wrong ways. 

Pay-Raise Roulette

After handing out big raises last year, companies are pulling back. How can top performers—and top negotiators—secure big ​bumps in 2024?


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