Essentials: AI’s Not-Quite Takeover

We don’t have machine bosses yet, and we might not for awhile. Indeed, AI dreams met reality this year. 

Last year, everyone said AI would revolutionize every organization; this year, reality set in. Only 5% of organizations are using the technology to actually make or deliver stuff. At the same time, companies have poured billions into AI-related expenses, with little to show for it.

In this Essentials, Korn Ferry looks at AI’s initial successes and failures at the office.

AI: Is Reality Setting In?

Companies talk big about artificial intelligence, but new US data shows only 5% use it to produce or deliver goods.

An AI Bubble of a Different Kind

Leaders need to shift from investing in AI to doing better at planning around it.

AI Skills Are Up 142-Fold? Yeah, Right.

A surge in applicants claiming artificial-intelligence expertise leaves recruiters skeptical.

The Era of AI Education

With professionals eager to learn about the world’s hottest business trend, universities are launching a slew of executive courses. Are they worth it?

‘I’m Sorry, Dave.’ When AI Writes a CEO’s Apology Letter

Researchers used the latest tools to generate a note that many leaders find particularly challenging. How did it go?


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