Essentials: How to Find a New Role in 2024

The competition has never been stiffer, and technology might be working against you—but Korn Ferry’s experts have got tips and techniques to get you in the door and help you ace the interview. 

It’s one thing to learn about how frustrating the job market is; it’s quite another to experience it as a job seeker. With some roles getting 250 or more applicants, the process can be daunting.

In this Essentials, Korn Ferry’s recruiters and career coaches share their best tips about how to get your résumé in front of the right people at the right time, how to ace interviews, and more. Increasingly, looking for a new job involves looking internally at your current workplace. 

The Frenzy to Find Work

The current job market has become hugely frustrating—for candidates and companies alike. How did it get this way, and where do we go from here?

‘Unretiring’ to Work

A new study shows retirees returning to the office is no longer just a trend but rather a permanent feature of the new world of work. How are leaders and other employees reacting?

Hiring that’s Laser-Like—and Frustrating

The latest jobs data gives the impression that hiring is robust. The reality: a “near-recession” for white-collar and other positions.

Telling a Firm, and Everyone Else, You Want Its Job

Frustrated by a frenzied job market, some candidates are making naked appeals for roles in social-media posts. Will it help or hurt them?

Skills Grab

Facing uncertain times, firms are desperate to build up worker skills—or buy them.

The ‘Rage Applying’ Problem

Companies are being inundated with résumés from workers who are frustrated but aren’t serious about switching roles. What can hiring professionals do?


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