The Essentials: Technology@Work

Our best articles about tech, including the good, the bad, and the crazy.

The year was filled with technology’s good (rapid advances in artificial intelligence) the bad (hacks that impacted hundreds of millions of people) and downright crazy (bitcoin’s value increasing by more than 1,000 percent). For leaders, the choice is clear: adapt to technology’s pace or be swamped. On this “Essentials” list, Korn Ferry highlights what leaders need to know about some of tech’s biggest disruptions.

Why AI Needs Human Help

Find out how smart organizations are already finding ways to blend human and robotic workforces together.

The Bitcoin Disruption

Bubble price or not, the digital currency is becoming a tool companies can’t ignore.

Safeguarding the IoT World

2017 was a year of some high-profile hacks and computer viruses. The leaders of Korn Ferry’s Cybersecurity practice explain how the wide-ranging mandate modern Chief Security Officers need to have.

The Industry Most Ready for the Future Is...

The new Korn Ferry Digital Sustainability Index finds a surprising sector leader.

Mind Readers

What will you buy next? Where is the next crime likely to happen? Tech’s ability to predict a person’s next step—or even next thought—is dramatically changing the strategies for firms and governments.

Your Smartphone Is Stealing Your Leadership Skills

No, an app isn’t melting your brain; but using the phone itself can distract your focus considerably.  


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