This Week in Leadership

What to do about the return of stock market volatility, plus the way to stay calm when work stress levels rise.

Stock volatility is back, and one of Wall Street's biggest players demands more female directors. Plus, the Herculean effort to manage the Winter Olympics. Read about those and more in Korn Ferry’s take on recent news, from our reporting team.

The CEO’s Guide to a Jarring Stock Market

The up-and-down shifts in global stock markets earlier this week left many corporate heads puzzled on next steps. 

Wall Street's New Call for More Women Directors 

Institutional investors say having more female representation improves decision-making. Studies show they’re right. 

In Britain, No Turning Back 

Theresa May may have employed a bold leadership tactic when she walked away from a big trade option. 

The 'Cooler Head' Approach

Mindful mediation may be one reason some leaders stay calm—and why some implode. Daniel Goleman explains.

Let the Games Begin

Against the odds, South Korea is launching the Winter Games with few hitches so far. Korn Ferry’s Mike Distefano on what may end up as a remarkable feat.