This Week in Leadership

What CEOs should do about a possible trade war, plus the common traits shared by the women that have run some of America's largest companies.

Trade wars and CEOs. Overcoming hidden biases. Shortchanging your job search. All that, plus complete coverage of International Women's Day, in Korn Ferry’s latest take on recent news, from our reporting team.

The Trade War Scramble

The White House’s surprising tariff plan leaves CEOs across the globe stuck in the middle. Are they ready?

Apple’s Search for Innovation

The high-tech firm muscles into high-end headphones, requiring a whole new level of leadership agility. 

Why Job Hunts Get Shortchanged

In his new book, Lose the Resume, Land the Job, Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison explains why people give surprisingly low priority to critical career moves.

Diversity + Emotional Intelligence = More Success

Studies show teams innovate better when they’re diverse and put aside “micro-inequities,” says best-selling author Daniel Goleman.

A Sequel to Inclusion Riders

It’s been all the talk in Hollywood this week, but can a version of it promote corporate diversity efforts?


Korn Ferry's Complete Coverage of International Women's Day


International Women’s Day: March to Equality


In honor of this special day, we compiled our best pieces on developing women leaders and gender pay. Start with “Their Breakthrough Formula: Women CEOs,” highlighting our landmark study of women CEOs’ traits. 


The Essentials: The Gender Pay Gap

How public and private organizations worldwide are addressing how men and women are paid. Plus, a webinar featuring Korn Ferry's pay experts.

Women CEOs Speak

Insights from the Korn Ferry’s landmark study of the women who’ve led America’s biggest companies. Plus, a podcast from the authors.

Advancing Women Worldwide

Getting women a fair share of leadership positions takes a collective effort. Three ways how executives and organizations can step up.

Among Equals

Korn Ferry’s Evelyn Orr's most popular columns about the intersection of career, relationships and gender.