This Week in Leadership (Nov 28 - Dec 4)

How to advance your career at your work holiday party. Plus, why leaders are dealing with a record number of product recalls. 

Why leaders aren't pleased that their employees are all choosing the same days to work remotely. Why the year only has two weeks left… at least from a working perspective. Plus, how to advance your career at your office holiday party. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news.

Return to Work—Or Take Long Weekends?

New figures show a wide gap between midweek and end-of-week attendance—more than some managers are comfortable with.

The Year Ends in… 12 Days

Counting holiday staff breaks, many firms will have only about a dozen days in December to reach year-end goals. Is it enough time?

5 Ways to Advance Your Career at the Office Holiday Party

Companies are resuming office parties, which experts say can be a good chance to make—or break—a career.

A Lack of (Quality) Control

A record number of recalls is likely in the US this year, suggesting a worrisome trend. What are the causes and solutions?

The Purpose-Driven Consumer

Best-selling author Daniel Goleman says some purpose-driven workers are now trying to bring those beliefs to how they spend.