This Week in Leadership (Nov 21 - Nov 27)

What should leaders do with any leftover budget before the year runs out? Plus, leadership lessons from NFL coaches.

Should leaders use any leftover 2022 budget to hire people even as a potential recession looms in 2023? What's the most effecient way to gain a board seat. Plus, why being thankful is a critical trait of great leaders. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news.

Brewing Over Year-End Budgets/Hiring

There’s still money left in the waning weeks of many managers' 2022 budgets. Many want to use it to hire for critical roles, even as a recession looms.

Retailers: To Resell or Not to Resell?

As holiday shopping season begins, companies are dipping into resell services.

5 Leadership Lessons from NFL Coaches

More than 30 million viewers are expected to watch football this Thanksgiving. What can corporate leaders learn from the coaches manning the sidelines?

5 Strategies for Gaining a Board Seat

With boards seeking more diversity and imposing more term and age limits, opportunities are growing for newcomers. But it’s not easy to land these slots.

On Being Thankful

This Thanksgiving, Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison shows how all of us can find leadership epiphanies in the most unlikely of places.