This Week in Leadership (Jan 2 - Jan 8)

The "technical debt" some leaders have been avoiding. Plus, how artificial intelligence could help find you your next job.

Why are some organizations eschewing annual goals in 2023? What is "technical debt" and why are leaders scrambling to figure out if there organization has any? Plus, could AI help you find your next job or help you get promoted? Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news. Happy New Year!

Goals for 2023? Let’s Start with January

As employees depart and conditions shift, leaders are focusing on short-term planning instead of year-long goals.

The ‘Technical Debt’ Behind Stranded Airline Passengers

As images of grounded passengers in crowded airports filled TV screens over the holidays, leaders across industries shared a growing concern: That could be our firm. 

5 Ways AI Can Help Boost Your Career 

Advances like the new ChatGPT could help boost your chances and getting hired and promoted. 

Minding the Middle Managers

An increasing number of leaders worry they might lose entire swaths of skill and organizational awareness if this oft-ignored but stressed-out group heads for the exits.

A Year in Search of Purpose

Last year employees were looking for meaning, says best-selling author Daniel Goleman. This year they will be acting on it.


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