Shaping Customer Experience

Customer loyalty is the lifeblood of most organizations.

With customer loyalty comes the 4 R’s: Revenue, Referrals, Repeat Business, and Reputation. 

The interactions that drive the customer experience can be broken into “defining moments,” or every interaction where a customer has the chance to judge how well an organization has met their expectations. These crucial moments can be positive, neutral, or negative, but only positive defining moments drive customer loyalty—and they are fewer and farther between now than ever before. Today, 67% of buyers say their standard for customer experience is higher than ever, yet most companies fall short. When the customer experience doesn’t live up to buyer expectations, it has devastating consequences: 50% of consumers are likely to defect an organization after a single bad experience.

To transform your customer experience and make every touchpoint a positive defining moment, you need talent with the right skills.

How do you ensure your CX team exceeds buyer expectations and increases customer retention and revenue attainment?

We tie everything into one solution to drive sustainable change

Our Integrated Solutions

Our solution

We help you improve the person-to-person interactions—across roles in contact centers, technical support, field service, retail, healthcare, hospitality, and more—that have a critical impact on your customer experience strategy. Our best-in-class solution drives the adoption of skills, competencies, and tools that ensure exceptional interactions at every touchpoint along the customer journey.

Upgrading your team’s capability takes more than traditional training. Our holistic approach ensures that you can execute methodology and process changes over the long term, taking you from defining what success looks like (Success Profiles) through to assessment, coaching, training, and reinforcement for your team.

Our scalable solution delivers a seamless employee development experience that results in sustainable change. As a result, your organization can diagnose and close service skills gaps to transform their talent and overall service team effectiveness.

Discover Our Integrated Solution

How our integrated solutions work

Our development journeys focus on the unique skills and tools needed for customer-facing roles within your organization, delivered at scale.

Benefits at a glance

  • Drive the development and adoption of skills and competencies that lead to exceptional people interactions at every touchpoint on the customer journey.
  • Decrease service providers’ time to proficiency while improving their effectiveness.
  • Increase employee engagement through a personalized approach that helps individuals manage their development and careers over the long-term.


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See more benefits