Through the Korn Ferry Digital platform, you gain direct access to our data, insights, analytics and digital solutions – enabling you to drive performance in a scalable way through your people, using one enterprise-wide framework and language of talent.

Our digital solutions cover the whole talent journey. So whether you need to define talent strategy and reward programs, make smarter decisions about whether to hire or develop talent from within your organization, get the right people on board, or even hear feedback on how engaged your employees really are, right across your organization – Korn Ferry Digital provides the answers.

Our digital solutions

Our solutions are a world-class, integrated platform that gives clients direct access to the data, insights and analytics. You will benefit from one enterprise-wide talent framework and language that will help drive organizational performance through people.

Deep insights at your fingertips

Korn Ferry Digital is fueled by the most comprehensive and up-to-date people and organization databases.  This data provides the DNA for our digital solutions, bringing you a research-based foundation to underpin quality and consistency in your HR practices.  Over 4 billion data points have been collected, including: 

  • Over 69 million assessment results
  • 8 million employee engagement survey responses
  • Rewards data for 20 million employees across 25,000 organizations and 130+ countries

In your hands, it's more than just data

We’ve pulled the data together for you into a comprehensive set of actionable and dynamic Success Profiles.  Success Profiles define “what good looks like” and include data around three dimensions – the accountabilities of a role, the associated capabilities to perform these responsibilities, and the traits and drivers that are characteristic of a person who will thrive in this role.

You have access to over 4,000 individual Success Profiles across 30,000 job titles – and we are continually updating and adding new profiles, so you get to leverage the latest thinking on emerging roles.

More about our Success Profiles >

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Korn Ferry Digital is a comprehensive digital talent strategy platform

Organizations that discover how to maximize the value of their people and grow their talent pipelines are in the best position to accelerate business growth by improving both the employee experience and the customer experience. Korn Ferry Digital, our digital talent strategy platform, uses decades of world-leading IP to drive performance, from talent acquisition to retention and engagement.

Korn Ferry Digital is a scalable digital human resources solution that helps organizations grow their people power: organizations use this talent strategy platform throughout all phases of the employee life cycle, from building talent pipelines to finding future leaders, and for optimizing their organizational transformation initiatives.

The Korn Ferry Digital talent strategy platform consists of five digital human resources solutions that span the talent journey:

Let’s take a closer look at each component of this talent strategy platform.

Korn Ferry Recruit helps organizations source top candidates

As part of Korn Ferry Digital’s talent strategy platform, Korn Ferry Recruit gives organizations, hiring managers, and human resources professionals the tools they need to reduce the time required to identify high-quality candidates.

Recruiters spend 13 hours sourcing candidates for a typical position; add that up, and it’s nearly one-third of their working hours. Korn Ferry Recruit is a digital human resources solution designed to help organizations streamline their HR processes with a comprehensive, data-driven talent sourcing strategy. Here’s how it works:

  • Organizations get market insights into essential candidate data, including supply and demand, salary, and time to fill positions.
  • Organizations start visualizing what ideal candidates look like with the use of Korn Ferry’s Success Profiles, which compile decades of human resources data.
  • Korn Ferry Recruit gives organizations access to more than 550 million public profiles and more than 2.8 million candidate profiles, helping them find active and passive candidates who are best suited for their job.
  • Organizations can assess candidates based on their Success Profiles, then generate interview guides customized to each candidate’s assessment results.
  • Recruiters learn the best places to source candidates and the candidate attributes that lead to success.

Organizations can use this digital talent strategy platform, which is built on artificial intelligence, to save money and automate repetitive tasks. Korn Ferry Recruit gets smarter with every search, thanks to its machine learning technology, so recruiters can spend their time on higher-value work and helping organizations find the best candidates quickly. In fact, Korn Ferry Recruit is a talent strategy platform that delivers three times more qualified candidates in a fraction of the time of traditional recruitment practices.

Korn Ferry Assess helps organizations manage and develop their talent

Organizations rely on a portfolio of Korn Ferry Assess talent management assessment tools in the Korn Ferry Digital talent strategy platform to develop their talent pipeline. Korn Ferry Assess consists of three components: Potential, Professional, and Leadership.

Potential is a data-driven assessment designed to identify high performers with potential leadership talent. It evaluates potential based on an individual’s personality traits, drivers, and experiences. It also evaluates whether high potential candidates have characteristics that might lead to failure in more challenging roles later in their talent journey. Potential gives organizations three reports that help them decide how best to invest their learning budget to address development gaps, so they build a robust talent pipeline.

Our Professional solution helps organizations allocate development resources where they are most needed across the workforce, driving employee performance and improving employee satisfaction. The scalable self-assessments in our Professional digital human resources solution compare individuals to our library of Success Profiles. With their assessment results, individuals are given the tools to progress in their roles and careers: they learn where their learning gaps are and receive the resources needed to fill them. Meanwhile, managers learn how to structure more meaningful development plans for their teams, and organizations strengthen performance across their entire workforce.

Finally, our Leadership solution assesses how ready individuals are to assume immediate roles as mid-level and higher leaders. Using our Success Profiles, these assessments determine how well prepared candidates are to progress in their career; they deliver data-driven reports detailing how well candidates match those in your organization’s key leadership roles and uncover any opportunities for continuing learning and development.

Korn Ferry Select helps organizations choose new hires with the highest potential

Korn Ferry Select is a suite of tools in our digital talent strategy platform designed to help organizations hire successfully at every level: entry-level, graduate, professional, and managerial.

At the entry level, organizations struggle to sift through crushing volumes of candidates to find those best suited to the role and its responsibilities. Entry-level pre-hire assessments help organizations learn who is—and isn’t—a proper fit.

Recruiting college graduates is challenging too, but for different reasons. Key talent may opt for other positions if your organization’s compensation isn’t competitive enough. Other promising candidates may drop out of the recruitment process and renege on job offers. Graduate assessments help organizations find candidates with the essential competencies, skills, and traits that will enable success in their new role.

Finding qualified professionals to fill roles can be a time-consuming, frustrating process. It’s hard for organizations to determine which attributes are most likely to lead to success, and even if they do identify them, it’s hard to find experienced individuals with the required skills and to tempt them with a competitive job offer. Professional assessments help organizations target appropriate candidates and give them job offers that align to other opportunities available to them in the market.

Managers are perhaps the costliest and riskiest hire: it’s expensive to recruit and train a new manager, only to have to replace them a few short months later because they didn’t have the skills, talent, or motivation needed to excel in their role. Just because a candidate is successful in one position doesn’t guarantee they’ll succeed as a manager, so data-driven assessments keyed to the requisite set of skills and traits are essential.

Korn Ferry Select is a self-service hiring assessment solution, built on our Success Profiles, that solves all of these problems for organizations. Organizations can choose the right mix of hiring assessments to measure the competencies, cognitive abilities, drivers, and traits essential to job success. Each hiring assessment delivers outputs that organizations can use to improve their selection of candidates, including a hiring manager report, an interview guide, a talent grid to facilitate data analysis and candidate screening, and a feedback report to help participants learn and grow.

With Korn Ferry Select, organizations get a digital talent strategy platform that accelerates the time to hire for both individual and volume hires and allows them to make better hiring decisions while controlling their HR budget.

Korn Ferry Pay delivers critical insights into global employee compensation

Korn Ferry Pay, part of the Korn Ferry Digital talent strategy platform, is a salary benchmarking solution that puts powerful compensation data at your fingertips. It’s the most comprehensive source of compensation benchmarking data available, with the latest salary data from more than 150 countries, more than 25,000 companies, and more than 20 million employees.

Our pay solution is equipped with tools and analytics that help organizations set compensation for job families and individuals, establish pay policies, and choose the most affordable yet attractive pay incentives to offer to candidates, maintaining their competitiveness in even the most crowded markets. Organizations also have access to the data they need to ensure they have created the most compelling reward structure to recruit and retain top talent. Additionally, organizations have the opportunity to collect 360-degree feedback with our Total Reward Diagnostic, which captures insights into how your employees view your compensation program.

Korn Ferry Listen helps organizations optimize the employee experience

Korn Ferry Listen is a suite of employee engagement solutions in our digital talent strategy platform that helps organizations understand the employee experience, so they can take steps to attract and retain top talent and improve employee engagement and performance. Listen uses state-of-the-art technology and market-leading research to help organizations understand what employees think and how motivated they are.

Korn Ferry Listen offers off-the-shelf surveys with standard questions that are ready to use as well as customizable surveys. Listen consists of three types of surveys:

  • Annual employee engagement surveys to collect organization-wide data from employees on a variety of employees.
  • Frequent pulse surveys that collect data frequently—daily, weekly, or monthly—to gather continuous feedback on emerging issues and areas of organizational change.
  • Employee life cycle surveys that survey workers at key milestones in their employee journey.

Korn Ferry Listen is a talent strategy platform that allows organizations to analyze employee feedback in real time, whenever they need it, all in an easy-to-use digital human resources solution and with levels of support tailored to their experience and needs.

How our digital talent strategy platform uses Success Profiles

Success Profiles summarize decades of job analysis and research into easily digestible summaries of what “good” looks like for a given role. They describe a role’s responsibilities as well as the skills, experiences, competencies, and traits that are needed to perform the job well. Finally, they add market insights, such as pay data, to give organizations a 360-degree view of the ideal job candidate.

Organizations can use Korn Ferry’s proven Success Profiles in a variety of ways:

  • Building job descriptions quickly and easily.
  • Generating interview guides that direct them to questions targeted to identify the best candidates.
  • Creating consistent, scalable frameworks for performance management, talent mobility, and rewards.
  • Finding answers to daunting human resources questions, such as how competitive compensation and reward packages are, how long it will take to fill a position, and what the best sources are for recruitment.

We have more than 4,000 Success Profiles that cover 30,000 job titles. We’ve designed these Success Profiles based on decades of data, blending the key attributes that make up the strongest possible candidates for your organization.

Get the answers to your human resources challenges with the Korn Ferry Digital talent strategy platform

The Korn Ferry Digital talent strategy platform drives employee and organizational performance throughout the entire talent journey, from recruiting to hiring, assessments, and feedback. Contact us to discuss how our digital human resources solutions can address your organization’s most pressing human resources needs.