Intelligence Cloud

Korn Ferry Intelligence Cloud is a powerful HR platform that informs strategic talent decisions

The Korn Ferry Intelligence Cloud is made up of more than 4 billion data points, including:

  • 70 million assessments
  • Rewards data for 20 million people at 25,000 companies, across more than 150 countries
  • Engagement data on 7 million employees and 400 companies in a normative database

With 50 years of empirical data to train the AI, no other consultancy has the depth of talent, industry, supply and market insights to develop such a precise, predictive platform.

  • Drive workforce transformation by assessing your talent and determining the workforce you need to deliver on your future strategy.
  • See trends and movement instantly across the talent marketplace with access to real-time market talent data.
  • Reference external market data to benchmark skills, compare organization structures, roles and compensation packages to peers; and utilize our best practices to inform your talent management and acquisition strategy.
  • Access talent supply and demand insights through real-time curation of market data derived from candidate profiles and job postings.

  • Assess your current capabilities, pinpoint gaps, and identify potential business risks so you can build strategic and functional capabilities.
  • Inform and support your strategies to acquire or develop the right talent by comparing your current workforce against what success looks like in a role.
  • Get key insights into your organizational size, structure, shape, and costs.
  • Define your talent architecture and close gaps between progression levels.
  • Review total rewards including internal equity, external competitiveness, and pay for performance.
  • Inform strategies to optimize compensation and benefits, employee engagement, and organization design.

  • Optimize organization structure and company alignment.
  • Adopt a culture of learning and implement leadership and individual development with our tailored learning journeys.
  • Develop the right skill set and mindset critical for success for every individual in your organization.
  • Align your sales organization to accelerate revenue growth.