Korn Ferry Recruit is an AI-enabled sourcing technology underpinned by Korn Ferry’s intellectual property, optimizing recruiters’ productivity by sourcing high-quality candidates in seconds and automating repetitive manual tasks. KF Recruit allows you to build predictable, scalable talent pipelines with less effort by utilizing success profiles, assessments, pay data, and other advanced criteria. All of this can be integrated with your ATS, HRIS, and other systems, creating a seamless process.

Build a global quality workforce

Building a quality workforce begins with insight. Korn Ferry Recruit’s Success Profiles help you visualize the ideal candidate for your role. Our market insights give you geographic candidate supply, top employers, salary, and time to fill data. The result: you know where the best talent for your role lives, and you can create a more comprehensive data-driven sourcing strategy.

Generate more qualified candidates

Korn Ferry Recruit identifies both passive and active candidates, scanning over 550 million public profiles, past applicants in your applicant tracking system, and your current employees interested in career change. Korn Ferry Recruit also finds hard to reach candidates from a multitude of sources, including niche industry and trade association databases. It’s available in over 90 countries and multiple languages.

Ensure the best fit

A failed hire can cost you big. Our proven assessments help you pinpoint the competencies, experiences, traits, and drivers for any given role, from entry-level to executive. Use realistic previews during the sourcing process to see if passive candidates are a good fit. Use the included interview guides for structured unbiased interviewing. Once a candidate applies, use the standard pre-hire assessments to enhance employee retention, or access Korn Ferry Select to get an even better picture.

Everything you need in one place

We've consolidated pay data, job descriptions, candidate supply, and other success criteria for thousands of roles into one sourcing, candidate relationship management, and strategic planning solution, saving time and cost over implementing individual systems. Integrating with your applicant tracking system (ATS) ensures a seamless experience from source through hire.

Streamline your recruiting

Recruiters spend nearly one-third of their work hours sourcing candidates. Optimize the recruiter and candidate experience by automating & accelerating manual processes while making sure you get the right candidates.

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The four pillars of Korn Ferry’s AI recruiting platform

Filled with candidate sourcing tools and built on best practices for sourcing candidates, Korn Ferry Recruit uses AI to optimize busy recruiters’ time, aiding them by sourcing high-quality candidates and automating repetitive tasks. The platform does so by aligning recruiters’ needs to four core pillars: source, plan, assess, and insights.

  • Plan: Building a quality workforce begins with Korn Ferry Recruit. Success Profiles help you visualize your ideal candidate. Market insights give you access to critical supply and demand, salary, and time-to-fill data. The result is a comprehensive, data-driven recruitment sourcing strategy.
  • Source: Korn Ferry Recruit identifies both passive and active candidates, scanning over 550 million public profiles and more than 2.8 million candidate profiles. Our AI recruiting algorithm works with Success Profile content including skills, competencies, responsibilities, traits, drivers, and job functions to generate three times more qualified candidates and to help reduce bias in the hiring process.
  • Assess: Korn Ferry Recruit offers a seamless experience to launch talent assessments and generate personalized interview guides based on the results. Talent assessments are aligned with Success Profiles and available for an array of organizational levels and roles.
  • Insights: Korn Ferry Recruit’s salary benchmarks, competitive overview, geographic supply and demand, and university data help your recruiters and hiring managers view the talent market through a strategic, realistic lens. Market and talent insights help you in sourcing candidates by understanding and where you can find them.

The data behind Korn Ferry Recruit

The foundation of Korn Ferry Recruit is its powerful data. More than 4 billion data points, collected from more than 550 million passive and active candidate profiles stored on over 350 servers, are analyzed with AI recruiting technology and machine learning to help businesses improve their recruitment sourcing strategies. Organizations can also search their existing applicant tracking system (ATS) or candidate relationship management (CRM) databases for potential candidates, including past applicants and current employees looking to make a career change. We also have access to unique candidate sourcing tools to find hard-to-reach candidates from numerous places, including niche industry databases and public and private trade association sites. Korn Ferry Recruit is available in multiple languages and in more than 90 countries, ensuring that we can help you find the candidates you’re looking for in any location around the globe.

These candidate profiles are then matched with one of our 4,000 Success Profiles across 30,000 job titles to identify and predict which potential candidates are the best fit for the role. A Success Profile is more than a job description: it helps organizations understand what an ideal candidate looks like for a particular job. It combines decades of data that we’ve collected on the job functions of a given role with the skills, competencies, traits, and experiences that successful candidates are likely to possess so you can source the strongest candidates.

The key benefits of Korn Ferry’s AI recruiting platform

Korn Ferry Recruit delivers important benefits for your organization’s recruitment sourcing strategies at three levels: manager, recruiter, and candidate.


  • Understand the talent market with availability, supply and demand, and compensation data.
  • Improve the through targeted sourcing and more consistent screening with our robust candidate sourcing tools.
  • Reduce job board and recruitment agency costs because our AI recruiting technology delivers quality candidates on demand.
  • Mitigate hiring biases through AI recruiting, consistent assessments and interview guides.
  • Find what you need quality of hires easily with consolidated recruitment data and integration with your organization’s ATS and HRIS.
  • Make better offers informed by rewards data from the world’s largest pay database.


  • Accelerate sourcing, so recruiters can spend more time on strategic actions, including strengthening relationships with candidates and hiring managers.
  • Reduce the time spent on manual processes with sophisticated automation and AI recruiting algorithms.
  • Streamline candidate communications and scheduling directly within Korn Ferry Recruit.
  • Improve hiring manager relations by delivering insights on talent availability, supply and demand, and compensation trends.
  • Understand market and industry trends through data-driven insights that lead to market-aligned offers, fewer negotiations, and more successful hires.


  • Provide structured feedback for new hires, improving time to contribution through development reports.
  • Deliver assessment reports to candidates who weren’t selected, improving their experience with the process.
  • Communicate with recruiters in the channels where they are the most comfortable.
  • Improve access to recruiters.
  • Schedule interviews more efficiently.
  • Receive fewer offers that don’t match the market.

Korn Ferry’s AI recruiting platform helps recruiters source candidates

When your recruiter is ready to hire for a role, they type the name of the role into the Korn Ferry Recruit search box. If it matches an existing Success Profile, Recruit returns the profile—which the recruiter can also use as a job description. (Likely, your organization already has connected its HRIS with Recruit, so the AI engine will have already analyzed your roles and matched them to Korn Ferry’s extensive library of Success Profiles.) This process also helps normalize the nomenclature across your organization, so, regardless of how various departments and recruiters name a role, you have standardized data based on the job functions and can get insights into how you’ve hired in the past.

Once you’ve chosen a Success Profile, our AI recruiting algorithm starts sourcing candidates on approximately 300 public and private job sites—including more than 550 million public profiles and nearly 3 million candidate profiles—to find people who match your ideal candidate description. We look everywhere for public profile descriptions, including more than 70 social media and artifact sites, industry websites, and trade association groups. The engine then returns candidates, ranking them by how closely they match the Success Profile, to form a candidate pool and reduce bias in candidate selection.

Recruiters can then use advanced candidate sourcing tools to winnow candidates in the pool and shortlist top contenders. Throughout this process, the AI recruiting algorithm continuously learns from the recruiter’s decision-making and starts bringing new people into the pool who resemble the selected candidates. Korn Ferry Recruit learns through neural networks, which are algorithms that mimic the way the human brain operates, to recognize the relationships underpinning a set of data. This helps Korn Ferry Recruit refine its candidate searches over time not only for the particular role but also for the organization as a whole.

As a result, Korn Ferry Recruit’s search algorithms deliver three times more qualified candidates. And, with every search, Recruit gets smarter, using AI recruiting technology to take your feedback into account.

Korn Ferry Recruit streamlines the recruiting process

Recruiters spend nearly one-third of their working hours sourcing candidates. In fact, a recruiter spends 13 hours sourcing candidates for the average role.

But with Korn Ferry Recruit, repetitive and manual recruiting processes become a thing of the past. For example, organizations can use Korn Ferry Recruit’s AI recruiting technology and automation and integration features to expedite the sourcing process.

  • Recruiters can build talent pools for positions that they must frequently fill, creating a talent pipeline with minimal effort.
  • They can avoid tedious back-and-forth with candidates and facilitate interview scheduling through our candidate self-service portal.
  • They can communicate directly with candidates through email or text using built-in, customizable templates that work with your organization’s CRM to nurture relationships.
  • They enjoy a seamless recruitment process, because Korn Ferry Recruit integrates with your ATS, HRIS and other human resources systems.

As a result, recruiters become more productive, because they can source candidates in seconds, not hours or days.

Korn Ferry Recruit Improves the recruitment sourcing process

Organizations that use Korn Ferry Recruit enjoy a range of benefits from its candidate sourcing tools:

  • Access everything in one place: Korn Ferry Recruit gives recruiters everything they need to know to find the best candidates in one place. Our solution combines sourcing, candidate relationship management and strategic planning, so recruiters have consolidated pay data fromKorn Ferry Pay, job descriptions, candidate supply information and other success criteria for thousands of roles accessible at their fingertips.
  • Create a comprehensive, data-driven recruitment sourcing strategy: Korn Ferry’s market insights explain where the best talent lives, with insights into geographic candidate supply and data regarding top employers, salary ranges, and time-to-fill roles.
  • Improve decision-making: Korn Ferry gives recruiters a comprehensive, realistic view of the talent market, based on Korn Ferry’s exclusive intellectual property: AI recruiting technology, market insights, Success Profiles, assessments, reward data, and more.
  • Get insights into candidate supply: With Korn Ferry Recruit, you’ll discover how many candidates are available in a particular area and what companies they work for, so you know who you’re competing against for talent.
  • Enhance productivity: Proactive talent pipelines and automation eliminates time-consuming manual processes, allowing recruiters to source and hire talented candidates more quickly.
  • Find the best candidates more easily: Recruiters receive a list of top candidates, ranked in order of qualification, for the role in seconds and can then screen them with candidate sourcing tools that include customized assessments and interview guides.
  • Ensure the best fit for candidates: Avoid costly failed hires with realistic previews during the sourcing process, the standard pre-hire assessments included with Korn Ferry Recruit (or the enhanced assessments in>Korn Ferry Select) and interview guides for structured, unbiased suggestions on how to interview candidates about their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Optimize the candidate experience: Candidates can self-schedule interviews and communicate seamlessly with the hiring organization.
  • Increase transparency: The Korn Ferry Recruit dashboard gives all stakeholders a global view of all recruitment activities.

In summary, Korn Ferry Recruit uses cutting-edge AI recruiting technology to help your organization quickly build a high-quality, global workforce. Contact us to learn more about the ways that Korn Ferry can streamline your recruitment sourcing strategies.