Make rapid and confident hiring decisions with Korn Ferry Select – and accelerate the performance of your people and organization.

Finding and hiring talented employees is proving ever more challenging. Korn Ferry Select uses world-class data and research to identify the people who will drive your strategy and achieve your business goals. With Korn Ferry Select, you can:

  • Identify what “good” looks like using best-in-class Success Profiles
  • Get clear predictions of an individual’s fit to a role
  • Assess candidates using scientifically robust assessments
  • Enhance the candidate experience using immersive multi-media

Entry-level assessment

Rapidly sift volume applications to select the right talent.

Volume-based entry-level roles attract up to five times the average number of applicants (and more during seasonal ramp-ups). So use Korn Ferry Select to find the right talent quickly. Our Entry-Level pre-hire assessment solution identifies the key competencies needed for success in the role, and then rapidly sifts applicants using an engaging, science-based process.

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Graduate assessment

Identify the high-performing graduates most likely to thrive.

Successful graduate recruitment is about knowing what to assess – and how to assess it. Use Korn Ferry Select to identify the high-quality graduates your organization needs. Our Graduate pre-hire assessment solution addresses the challenge of high graduate turnover with a holistic and effective assessment process that identifies candidates who are the right 'fit' for both the role and the organization.

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Professional assessment

Make sure applicants have the skills your business needs.

As professional roles become increasingly varied and complex, good candidates are becoming both harder to find—and harder to recruit for. Korn Ferry Select helps employers swiftly and accurately identify applicants with the right skills. Our Professional pre-hire assessment solution uses best-in-class Success Profiles to give clear predictions of a candidate’s fit to any given role – along with automatically-generated job descriptions, interview guides, and assessment criteria.

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Manager assessment

Find and hire the people managers your business depends on.

Good people managers are critical to your organization’s performance whereas poor people managers don’t only underperform - they can damage teams and the bottom line. So use Korn Ferry Select to identify the high-performing people you need. Our scientifically robust Manager pre-hire assessment solution helps select individuals with the right capabilities, competencies, traits, drivers, and people management skills for any given role.

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Assessments in action: tools and reports

Korn Ferry Select give you instant access to joined-up real-time data and insights, with easy-to-interpret customizable reporting and configuration options to make the assessments your own.

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Choose the level of assessment support that you need

We know that every organization is different. So, we make using Korn Ferry Select as flexible as possible, and offer a choice of services, support and consulting to suit your business needs.

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Diagnose and manage talent gaps among existing employees

Looking to get more from the talent you already have?  We also offer assessments to help you target professional development for all employees, identify your high potentials, and see who is ready for leadership promotion.

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Employee selection tools for every level at your organization

Korn Ferry Select provides employee selection tools to match every level of potential hire:

  • Entry-level pre-hire assessments
  • Graduate assessments
  • Professional assessments
  • Manager assessments

Why businesses should use employee selection tools for entry-level hires

It can be difficult for organizations to determine the best candidates for an entry-level role for a number of reasons. First, entry-level roles often attract an overwhelming volume of candidates—five times the average number of candidates for a role—and this number can be even higher depending on seasonal fluctuations. Organizations need an easy process to help them rapidly exclude unqualified candidates from their pool.

Further, organizations often don’t understand the key attributes that make someone successful in an entry-level role. Unless organizations know what a good candidate looks like from an entry-level pre-hire assessment, it’s unlikely that they’ll find someone who is a proper fit for the position. Eventually, a poor hire leads to subpar performance, employee disengagement and higher turnover rates—plus the associated costs of replacing an entry-level employee, which can be as high as between 30% and 50% of their annual salary.

To make better hiring choices, businesses need data-driven employee selection tools. Entry-level pre-hire assessments can help businesses make better hiring decisions, leading to higher productivity and better employee retention.

Why employee selection tools make a difference in graduate hiring

A poor selection process creates headaches for organizations recruiting college graduates. Organizations that lack robust graduate assessments may find that:

  • They have higher turnover among graduate hires because there’s a lack of fit between the candidate and the organization.
  • Graduates drop out of the recruitment process or renege on job offers before they start work.
  • Graduates have a poor candidate experience, which alienates them as future customers and damages your brand: 70% of graduates claim that other people’s bad experiences with an organization would discourage them from applying for a job with that company.

Data-driven graduate assessments help organizations key in on the competencies, skills and traits that lead to success in a role.

The difference that employee selection tools for professionals make

Without a professional assessment process, hiring qualified professionals can be an excruciating, drawn-out process. Organizations have a hard time identifying the key characteristics that will lead someone to success in a professional role.

And, even when organizations have an overwhelming number of applications, many can’t find qualified candidates: although the talent pool may be plentiful, potential workers may lack the skills necessary to competently perform the job. Furthermore, recruiters for professional roles face a challenging hiring situation. They must understand and then assess against a range of competencies, given the number, variety, and complexity of professional roles in many organizations. This is where data-driven professional assessments simplify organizations’ recruiting and decision-making processes.

Even if organizations are fortunate enough to find the right candidate, they must conquer one last hurdle: they have to deliver a better job offer than the competition. That can be hard, because organizations are more likely to offer competitive employee compensation and reward packages to individuals with in-demand skills. But employers that use data-driven employee selection tools, informed by competitive salary benchmarking data, will have the competitive edge.

Why employee selection tools are critical for managerial roles

Hiring managers is risky business: the cost of replacing a manager within 6 to 12 months of their hire is 2.3 times their annual salary. That’s why it’s so critical for organizations to use the right employee selection tools to find highly qualified managers who are equipped with the talents, skills and drive to motivate teams and propel an organization forward.

Without data-driven manager assessments, organizations might hire high performers who lack critical people management skills, which can have a cascading negative effect on their team. Employees who report to a manager ill-equipped to lead may cause their direct reports to underperform, disengage, or leave.

Finally, top managerial candidates have a set of skills that’s hard to find in the market. Employers armed with data-driven manager assessments and informed by salary and reward benchmarking can deliver a job offer with a compensation package that allows them to stand out from their peers, to secure these top candidates.

How Korn Ferry’s employee selection tools work

Korn Ferry Select is a hiring assessment solution that provides a self-service, multidimensional assessment method with automated reporting. Hiring assessments are available to candidates 24/7, so they can complete assessments on their own schedule.

Our employee selection tools are based on our proprietary, best-in-class Success Profiles. Each of our 4,000 Success Profiles describes the work that needs to be done in a role plus employee compensation data from 25,000 organizations globally, plus the skills, competencies, traits, and experiences that successful candidates are likely to possess. Korn Ferry Select relies on our library of 4,000 Success Profiles to predict how well a candidate will match a role and criteria for assessing the candidate. Organizations can customize their Success Profile to meet their needs.

Once organizations have chosen or configured their Success Profile and decided what it is that they want to measure, they can choose the right mix of hiring assessments to measure what is important for the role. Then, they receive a comprehensive candidate profile, including a hiring report and interview guide, that helps them make better hiring decisions.

Better yet, given the power of the Korn Ferry Digital suite of products, organizations can link their Success Profiles and employee selection tool results to a range of other talent management activities—all in one easy-to-use system.

What Korn Ferry Select measures

The items that Korn Ferry Select measures depend on the level of assessment. Here is what each level of hiring assessment evaluates.

  • Entry-Level Pre-Hire Assessment: Competencies and cognitive abilities (numerical, verbal, and checking)
  • Graduate Assessment: Competencies, cognitive abilities (numerical, verbal, and logical), drivers and traits
  • Professional Assessment: Competencies, cognitive abilities (numerical, verbal, and logical), drivers and traits
  • Manager Assessment: Competencies, cognitive abilities (numerical, verbal, and logical), drivers and traits

Behavioral competencies are the skills and behaviors required for success that can be observed. They shape behavior and are critically important in determining how someone does their job and how they accomplish goals. Competencies enable individuals to make meaningful contributions to support the organization. Examples of competencies measured in our employee selection tools are planning and prioritizing work, collaborating, communicating effectively, and ensuring accountability.

Cognitive abilities are a candidate’s capacity for logic, verbal communication, and reasoning. Cognitive abilities influence virtually every aspect of a candidate’s job performance and potential.

Drivers are the aspect of a candidate that creates engagement and energy for a task or role. To the extent that a person’s drivers align with a role, they will be energized by it.

Traits are the personality characteristics that exert a strong influence on a person’s behavior. They play a large role in how people develop: they determine what is more natural for them and what is more of an effort. Along with drivers, they change the least over time.

What organizations receive from Korn Ferry Select employee selection tools

Every hiring assessment delivers actionable outputs to organizations to help them select the right candidates, including the following:

  • Hiring manager report
  • On-screen results, including a fit score
  • Dynamic interview guide
  • Talent grid extract for data analysis and easy screening
  • Participant feedback report

The hiring manager report includes the Success Profile for a role, which outlines the capabilities that will help someone do well in the role, and a candidate summary that describes some features of the role. The report lists the capabilities from the Success Profile that have employee selection tool results available and those where the candidate seems to be a good fit for the role’s responsibilities.

Candidates receive two sets of scores from our hiring assessments: first, the average score for a particular set of capabilities is calculated; then, the averages for each capability set or averaged. Candidates are scored on a range from 1 to 5, where scores closer to 1 indicate lower likelihood to fit to the role and scores closer to 5 indicate a good alignment between the candidate’s capabilities and the role. Talent that is a close fit with Korn Ferry Success Profiles is up to 13 times more likely to be highly engaged in their jobs.

The best part of our hiring report is that you don’t need special training or certification to understand it: it simplifies complex hiring data collected from our employee selection tools into an easily digestible format.

The dynamic interview guide is based on the results of the employee selection tool. Each question is tailored to how the applicant responded during the assessment, exploring both strengths and weaknesses, so candidates have an opportunity to have a more positive interview experience. Using these questions creates consistency within the organization and across locations. The guide also gives tips about what to look for and offers advice on how to make the interview process fairer for all candidates.

The benefits of Korn Ferry Select

Employee selection tools like Korn Ferry Select have delivered numerous benefits to countless organizations like yours. With Korn Ferry Select, you can:

  • Reduce the time to hire: Choose the right talent with a fast, engaging, and science-based assessment process
  • Get a holistic view of each applicant: Choose a mix of short, relevant and candidate-friendly employee selection tools that offers insights into a candidate’s competencies and cognitive abilities
  • Improve the quality of hires: Identify competencies, skills, traits, drivers, and abilities that are the key to success on the job
  • Ensure a positive candidate experience: Create a strong employer brand that impresses candidates and increases the quality of the candidate pipeline
  • Understand the entire recruitment process: Get access to a transparent, configurable self-service system and intuitive reports that share insights into your talent pipeline—without needing any training or certifications
  • Manage volume hires: Integrate Korn Ferry Select with your applicant tracking system and human resources information system
  • Manage your hiring budget: Save money with a model that charges per participant, not per assessment, so you receive multiple data points that help you make a better hiring decision
  • Enhance workforce planning: Get insights into talent scarcity, time to fill roles, and competitive market rates of pay to manage volume and seasonal workforce planning

Korn Ferry Select also has features that improve the candidate experience. Candidates at every level—entry-level, graduate, professional and manager—who take our assessments can:

  • Understand where they stand in a transparent, diversity-friendly hiring process
  • Showcase their potential to excel in a role
  • Receive valuable feedback from their potential employer, regardless of the outcome of their application

Today, human resources teams are asked to do more work with fewer resources. Employee selection tools like Korn Ferry Select ease the burden on human resources, allowing them to make more strategic decisions about hiring without adding to their administrative burden.

Contact us to discover how Korn Ferry Select can improve your organization’s hiring process.