To continuously move opportunities and win deals in today’s complex selling environment, sales teams and leaders must have a strategic approach to selling. Korn Ferry Sell is a native Salesforce application that combines sales methodology and technology to help organizations increase sales through a consistent and repeatable sales strategy. It shows sellers the actions that drive success, and provides clearer visibility for sales leaders – ultimately informing where time needs to be focused to accelerate deals.

Create a winning sales approach

Buyer expectations have changed, and now more than ever sales teams and leaders are being challenged to provide insight and value to their customers in a strategic way, to open more opportunities and win more deals. Korn Ferry Sell is an application that helps you create a strategic selling process to win deals faster, and deliver value to your clients.

  • Drive seller actions – Recommend the seller actions that will most improve the odds of winning a deal.
  • Change deal outcomes – Give sales managers visibility into opportunities so they can effectively coach sellers.
  • Replicate successful deals – Show sales leaders why they win or lose, and measure the ROI of the methodology.

Boost sales performance by pairing methodology and technology

Korn Ferry Sell gives you better visibility into sales activity to help you make more informed and effective decisions.

  • View all the data around opportunities and their likelihood of success in a context that gives meaning.
  • Formulate strategic plans directly in the opportunity record using Strategic Selling® with Perspective methodology.
  • Receive prompts on the best actions to take to move opportunities and increase likelihood of closing.
  • Monitor the health and progress of opportunities and pipeline in Salesforce.
  • See where opportunities are moving, and which may need attention.

Learn how to replicate sales wins

Korn Ferry Sell provides sales leaders and teams with insights based on behaviors of top performers, that enable them to see why deals succeed and how they can be replicated.

Korn Ferry Sell embeds the Blue Sheet from our Strategic Selling® with Perspective methodology to allow sellers to identify winning and losing sales scenarios, leading to more wins and faster close times across the organization.

Using the incorporated methodology, you can identify who in the buyer organization has the most impact on the pursuit, what is most important to them, and how they compare to the competition. Confidently take a data-based approach to moving opportunities and winning deals.

Develop and grow your sales team

Almost 30% of sellers identify inconsistent coaching as their top sales challenge. Korn Ferry Sell supports sales leaders in coaching and developing their teams by providing real-time online training resources to increase capability in creating opportunities and winning deals.  

Coaching and development materials are delivered via micro-learning through Korn Ferry Sell, or in full training modules through the Learning Library.

Access just-in-time refresher micro-learning content with over 40 bite-sized learning nuggets embedded in Korn Ferry Sell, targeted micro-learning to support over 20 recommended actions, as well as full digital courses in our world-renowned methodology.

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