Organization Design

Organization design for a constantly changing world

Without the right structure, even the best strategy is just a wish list. That’s why organizational design matters. It defines clear roles and processes that empower your people to do their best work—giving them accountability and buy-in while cutting back on wasted effort. It fosters collaboration and inclusion. And most of all, it makes you more agile, more able to respond and adapt to rapidly changing market and customer demands.

Today’s business environment is too unpredictable to just rely on lines and boxes.  Creating the right blueprint requires a holistic approach that factors in your organization purpose, culture, operating model and capabilities you need to be successful.

We are experts in organizational design because we understand the entire people ecosystem. We know how to align your strategy and structure with your people, but we also know how to turn strategy and recommendations into action — to truly change people’s ways of working.


Our organizational design experts decode your business strategy and purpose into the key capabilities that your business needs to succeed. We translate these capabilities into an agile operating framework, including a sustainable organizational design. Then, we make the change happen.

Align your leadership team around the future vision

  • Get alignment among the leadership team on the strategic direction, the strategic priorities, the organization’s purpose and the capabilities that the organization needs to be successful.
  • Build your organization’s change muscle as we go, so you’ll know how to adapt the design as new challenges emerge.

Identify the potential gap between where you are now and where you need to be

  • Combine analytics of your organization with our benchmarks to identify where your organization is today and where it needs to be tomorrow
  • Analyze spans and layers, job architecture, reporting lines, and people costs.
  • Use organization mapping tools and organization network analysis to understand where work is getting done.
  • Analyze your leadership capability, engagement data, and the ways you’re managing and communicating with your people.
  • Get an “outside-in” view of how your organization measures up against the external world.

Create an agile organization design

  • Translate your purpose and strategic priorities into a fit-for-purpose operating model, organization structure, and governance processes.
  • Create structures that enable people to shift and adapt in real time as priorities change.

Make change happen

  • Put your new organization design into action by drawing on our deep understanding of how to drive behavioral change.
  • Create a practical, structured implementation plan.
  • Engage hearts and minds around new ways of working to ensure that the changes will stick.




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