Driving change by putting people first

It may seem like an impossible balance to strike but we’re achieving it every day. Korn Ferry delivers personalized and meaningful experiences through change not just to the few, but to the many. Through Culture 360, The Art of Movement Making, Radically Human Communication, and our suite of technology solutions, we enable mindset and organizational behavior change at scale. Whether your employee base is 300 or 300,000, our integrated solution aligns your culture, your change management strategy and your communications in pursuit of your business goals while putting your people first.



Businesses that align values to strategy and deliver a superior employee experience see a 117% greater ROI than those that don't


If 10% of a population holds an unshakeable belief, 100% of the time it will become adopted by the majority of the population.


of employees say they’re more motivated when their employer offers regular updates on company news

How we can help you

There’s no doubt about it. Culture, change and communications are any organization's strongest tools for closing the gap between strategy and execution. With an integrated solution aligning these initiatives, you’ll reap significant benefits for your organization and your people. 

  • Improving employee retention and satisfaction. When people are happy and motivated at work, they perform better. That accelerates innovation and speed to market, which, in turn, drives cost efficiency, business growth and ROI.
  • Connecting work with the company’s purpose and strategic objectives to drive employee productivity.
  • Equipping leaders with tools to guide teams through change and uncertainty.
  • Strengthening organizational performance by aligning culture with business objectives.
  • Bringing your employee value proposition to life and enhancing your employer brand value.
  • Recognition of relevancy and being purpose-driven at work.
  • Improved mental health, sense of belonging and inclusion.
  • Clear understanding of the organizational vision and purpose.
  • Connecting work with business objectives, vision and values.
  • Building a positive team culture and engagement.

Getting to know culture, change and communications

Culture Transformation

Culture 360

  • Assessing the culture you have against the culture you want
  • Creating a Culture Blueprint to guide your journey
  • Identifying the right set of change levers
  • Achieving a “tipping point” to make change go viral
  • Tracking progress to impact

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Change Management

The Art of Movement Making™

  • Helping leaders become Movement Makers
  • Achieving a “tipping point” to make change go viral
  • Ensuring tech delivers its promised value
  • Building in-house change capability

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Radically Human Communications

  • Helping leaders package, polish and present their ideas
  • Telling the company’s story and aligning people around what matters most
  • Maximizing an organization’s ability to connect and communicate

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Our Creative Studio brings everything we do to life along the way

  • Campaign development
  • Experiential design
  • Branding for major initiatives
  • Visual storytelling
  • Copywriting
  • Digital and social content
  • Website development
  • Video production
  • Graphic design

Culture 360: A Korn Ferry Buyers' Guide

This guide will help you anticipate common stakeholder questions about cultural change so that you can and create the desired behavior change at scale, faster.

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