High-Performing Executive Teams

Do you have the leadership team you need to truly transform?

You face constant challenges: the speed of change driven by technology; economic and health upheaval; social and environmental crisis. It’s no longer enough to perform — organizations must now perform and transform seamlessly.

Many look to the CEO to be the driving force of transformation, but no CEO can do it alone. Only by partnering with their top team can they lead the organization through change — but our research shows that less than a quarter of executive teams are up to the job. Many lack clarity on exactly what the executive team collectively owns in driving strategy, making it difficult to  make and execute decisions for the enterprise.

You need to build a high-performing executive team, ready to lead the organization in the midst of uncertainty and deliver results at the same time.

Our methodology is proven. It’s rooted in performance data, groundbreaking research, and team leadership expertise.

We partner with the CEO to help your leadership team:

  • Clarify—and sometimes change—the work of the team
  • Use our people insights and facilitation capabilities to develop the skillset and mindset that top teams need
  • Collaborate to perform more effectively


Successful CEOs know that no CEO — no matter how talented, visionary, and inspiring — can singlehandedly deliver on the challenges of stakeholder expectations.  CEOs who elevate the work of the team to focus collectively on the most critical enterprise challenges and growth levers can find a previously untapped energy source to address their organization’s most critical challenges.

Here’s how we help you enable your top team to excel:

Define a clear and compelling purpose for the team

  • We work with the CEO to help them define the unique value the team can bring to meet the most critical enterprise challenges.

Support the CEO to effectively lead the team

  • Our experienced consultants provide coaching to help the CEO rethink the role of the executive team, as well as how to enable its success.  We prepare them for their role in advance of team sessions and debrief afterward – enabling them to create the conditions for successful outcomes.

Assemble the right people capabilities to deliver on the team’s purpose

  • We work with the CEO to identify the right size and composition of the executive team, using our experience and objective assessment approach to set you up for success.

Put in place the right processes and standards of behavior

  • We work with the CEO and the team as a whole to implement positive team processes, norms, and principles that build strong, productive relationships between team members. We also help them to build frameworks to increase decision-making speed and encourage action amid uncertainty.

Enable continuous improvement

  • Our consultants observe the team at work, providing coaching and feedback and offering ongoing team and individual development. 




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