In today’s environment of continual intellectual and technological evolution, organizational security professionals operate in permanent code red status. Frequent news of cyber attacks and data breaches continues to dominate headlines on a daily basis. No organization is immune to attack, regardless of size, industry, or geography. This unrelenting onslaught by cyber criminals across the globe ranging from rogue hackers to nation states is becoming increasingly intense - and corporations may not be winning the battle. Cyber or information security executives are tasked with a tall order - protect companies’ assets, mitigate costs associated with stolen intellectual property, halt damage or destruction of proprietary data, avoid disruptions to critical operations, and maintain confidence amongst customers, investors, and employees.

Our Cybersecurity team leverages deep industry expertise across information technology, national security, and professional services to help organizations defend themselves on the front lines of cyber and information security. Our consultants understand the threats and vulnerabilities facing today’s increasingly interconnected global network, and possess the connections and technology to efficiently attract, develop, and engage leading security and information talent. We then build ironclad frameworks, solutions and strategies that build efficient data pipelines, protect and defend corporate information and assets, and put the people in place to leverage the power of technology as an instrument of positive change, not a weapon of mass destruction.



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