UK Executive Pay & Governance

With the spotlight continuing to shine brightly on UK Directors’ pay, companies need expert advice more than ever. When making decisions on setting executive pay, organisations need access to experienced advisors who can provide the information, analysis and, above all, the right judgement.

Why Korn Ferry?

  • Relationships are Partner-led: Partners actively lead our relationship with clients and are accessible. We have lower leverage than other firms because our clients tell us that they want to speak to our partners without delay.
  • Because there is no substitute for experience: We have a team of senior partners who have a deep expertise in working with complex, innovative and challenging situations.
  • We fit reward to your strategic context: We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to executive pay. Our recommendations take account of the entire business environment, as well as market comparisons. We look for innovative solutions. We can take a fresh perspective.
  • Our knowledge of investors is second to none: Experienced partners and consultants who have worked with the leading voting agencies have an inside track on what is acceptable and how best to work with investors when advising on PLC pay.
  • We understand the importance of communication: Poor communication, rather than the substance of a proposal, has often led to a lack of shareholder support. We have experienced consultants who help ensure that an informed shareholder consultation process takes place with effective communication to all interested parties.
  • We have hard technical edge: our advice is based on a very firm understanding of the legal and regulatory environment.
  • We have world-renowned methodologies and data: Our reward data is world renowned and our unique approach, proven methodologies and common-sense analytics have been developed over more than 70 years.

How we can help

We provide a full service to our clients, from designing pay polices that align with current and future business strategy, to advising and supporting on the consultation process with investors and managing the technical implementation of incentive plans:

Our Recent Publications

Korn Ferry offers a variety of Executive Pay & Governance publications geared towards ground breaking research and market-moving trends on leadership and human performance.