Executive Success Profiles

Understanding what competence looks like is no longer enough. Successfully delivering a business strategy requires an understanding of the critical leadership attributes needed to drive the strategy forward. However, defining success for these pivotal roles isn’t easy in today’s world. Constant uncertainty and rapid change make it difficult to forecast exactly which skills and attributes will be most critical in the future.

Our Executive Success Profiles offer a unique blueprint for success. We clarify what strong talent looks like by industry, business function, job level, business challenge, strategy, or geographic market. This enables organizations to start identifying, evaluating, and preparing future leaders years and even decades ahead of time.


Our Executive Success Profiles outline a prioritized set of leadership competencies, experiences, traits, and drivers that are anchored in the specific strategic context of the organization and the demands of the job or role.

  • We listen first. We gain input from stakeholder groups across the organization, to capture unique perspectives and build necessary buy-in.
  • We match strength with strategy. We combine stakeholder input with our own expertise and leadership data to develop profiles that outline what it takes for leaders to succeed against the future organizational strategy.
  • We are data driven. Our insights are drawn from a database of 4.9 million assessments.

Each of our Executive Success Profiles aligns an organization’s strategy with specific leadership attributes. This means they can be leveraged not just for a single purpose but for a broad range of talent needs including assessment, on-boarding, development, organization design, career maps, rewards and more.




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