Leadership Assessment

Everyone knows a leadership role is more than a checklist of responsibilities. Thriving in a pivotal position requires the right mix of talents, interests, and experiences. At Korn Ferry, we have a deep understanding of all the factors that add up to effective leadership. By tapping into our vast talent assessment database, we can isolate which leadership attributes are vital for a specific industry, business function, job level—or even business challenge, strategy, or geographic market.

Our proven methods for measuring performance, potential, readiness, and fit then enable organizations to make selection and promotion decisions with more confidence than ever before.


  • We take a big data approach. Over 50 years of analytics and 69 million professional assessments enable us to recognize what separates success from derailment for leaders in any role, function, industry, region, or organizational culture.
  • Our support goes beyond assessment. We can also offer individuals feedback sessions and development planning, as well as ongoing support, coaching, and reviews.
  • Our solutions are flexible. Intellectual property licenses allow clients to tailor our research‐based content to their organization’s business language and culture.
  • We are global in scale. Our Global Survey Center offers a full-service administrative support option for organizations globally that want to outsource the administration of their assessment surveys.
  • We benchmark against the best. Our assessments provide results calibrated against global norms and/or specific, customized profiles.




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