Can’t wait to unlock all the insights available through your Korn Ferry subscription? Speed things up by using our secure online system to upload your salary data and start fully leveraging the platform as soon as possible.

How data submission works

An accurate and complete salary data submission is the first step to getting strategic insights into your talent programs. Our data submission uses AI and machine learning to match your jobs into Korn Ferry Success Profiles, ensuring your compensation data is uploaded fully and correctly every time.

Secure, simple, time-saving

  • Cut down on repetitive and redundant work by uploading data directly onto the system.
  • Assign users, track progress, and oversee the process all in one place – making it much faster to submit data, even if it’s from many business units and countries.
  • Run a query on your HR system and submit the data as it comes.
  • Continuously update your salary data so that you always have the most accurate information on your pay programs.
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