Senior Leadership Team Development

Like a quarterback and his blockers, or an actor and her ensemble, the most critical resource the CEO has is the executive team. Armed with a clear remit, the right mix of capabilities, and fuelled by an enterprise mind-set, an effective top team offers a critical competitive advantage. Our Senior Leadership Team programs help CEOs build airtight teams by developing strategic ability, leadership and collaboration skills. They provide a customized forum for addressing the underlying issues that limit team effectiveness that may be impacting a team’s ability to advance their goals. We focus on:

  • Defining team purpose through strategy clarification.
  • Ensuring the team has the right composition to support the purpose.
  • Implementing positive team processes, norms and principles.
  • Building strong, productive relationships between team members.
  • Aligning rewards with team purpose.
  • Utilizing the right analytics, training and resources to make decisions.
  • Providing ongoing team and individual development.


  • Our people know people. Our world-class, global team of experts brings deep team leadership knowledge, business acumen and outstanding facilitation capabilities built across industries and geographies.
  • Science drives us. Our proven methodology is rooted in performance data derived from groundbreaking empirical studies of best-in-class team leadership.
  • Our teams are built to build teams. Our leadership development teams are diverse, deep and different, featuring an integrated range of strategic talents and organizational abilities.




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