Strategic Workforce Planning

Even the best-laid plans change – assumptions fail, sales forecasts are wrong, turnover goes up, productivity goes down. Occasionally, entire business models evolve, changing roles and career paths in their wake. Agile organizations use strategic workforce planning to counter change with preparation, designing thoughtful people strategies that reinforce overarching business strategies and goals.

Korn Ferry apply systems-thinking to workforce-decision making, providing a ground-breaking modeling platform for monitoring and managing changing assumptions that enables organizations to design people plans that incorporate and anticipate business changes. Our workforce planning offering begins with the “five rights”:

  • Right Size. We blend ability with agility, building a right-sized staff that avoids waste and achieves strategic goals efficiently.
  • Right Skills. We identify gaps in your people's skills, so you can plan your future workforce the right way.
  • Right Shape. We look holistically at your organization, creating structures that motivate and enable.
  • Right Site. Continued positive growth requires putting the right people in the right places – and having the right places to put them.
  • Right Spend. Quite simply, it’s imperative to invest good money in great people (and not to overinvest in mediocrity).

We apply these tenets utilizing experienced professionals, cutting-edge processes, a deep catalog of job families and intelligent forecasting tools that deliver a crystal view of your future workforce. The result is better resource utilization, better operating performance, and much more confidence in the decision-making about hiring. The capacity required for growth is there when you need it. The implication of cost-cutting scenarios are clearly articulated. In addition, make/buy/rent decisions for talent are well considered.


  • We optimize your workforce for today. Our in-depth data analysis examines workload, productivity and cost/value.
  • We build the right workforce for tomorrow. We identify the critical roles and capabilities organizations will need in the future and build a plan to get there.
  • We are cutting-edge. Our new-generation scenario-planning tool, Dynaplan, enables organizations to analyse their legacy workforce, making sense of huge amounts of variables and hypotheticals, to give them the most accurate possible view of their future workforce.
  • We make change happen. We are proven experts at truly understanding the workforce today and developing a smart, strategic workforce plan to attract the right professionals and ensure success.




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