Emerging Talent Trends 2020

Our recent survey of global talent acquisition, development and compensation experts identified 10 key talent trends for 2020—from continuous CEO succession to purpose-driven leadership, from reskilling to career nomads.

What impact will these trends have on organizations in the year ahead? And how should HR and business leaders respond? Korn Ferry experts Jean-Marc Laouchez, President of Korn Ferry Institute, Jeanne MacDonald, President of Global RPO solutions, and Andres Tapia, Senior Client Partner, will give you the full lowdown.

Our webinar will help you to:

  • Gain deep insight into each of the 10 emerging talent trends.
  • Discover how forward-thinking organizations are responding to them.
  • Build a clearer picture of what you can do to attract and retain top talent.

To access the webinar, please click here.