The Great Resignation: Stop the quit with great employee experiences

Turn the Great Resignation into the Great Retention by meeting employees’ greater expectations

40% of employees are actively looking for another job. The Great Resignation is unprecedented, undeniable, and totally understandable. But, why is this happening at such scale

It’s triggered by greater expectations. Employees are burnt out. Disconnected. And they want more from work. 

Our experts have uncovered what employees really care about – and it’s not all about pay.

You can control The Great Resignation by delivering greater employee experiences. From pay and development to purpose and culture, hear from Korn Ferry experts on what employees in 2022 really care about and what actions you can, and should, be taking.

In this 45-minute discussion, you will discover:

  • Aligning company and employee purpose and values
  • Leadership that inspires and provides strategic direction
  • Development opportunities – realizing potential
  • Making employees feel valued – rewards, benefits and recognition
  • Creating a culture of inclusion and empowerment

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