What Does AI Mean for Organizations?

In part three of our series about Generative AI in the Workplace, we will focus on the profound impact on organizations.

Previously recorded: 12 Dec 2023

Duration: 45 minutes

With the rapid rise of AI in the workplace, businesses are actively adjusting their strategies to stay competitive and adapt for future growth. To inform these strategic decisions, this webinar will explore the profound implications of AI in the workplace and provide comprehensive insights into the latest research findings on AI.

  • The reshaping of work: Understand how AI is reshaping the nature of work and the types of roles most likely to be affected. We will examine research on GenAI's potential influence on job creation, job displacement, compensation and the roles most likely to face disruption.
  • The implications for organizational structures: Acquire strategies for preparing the workforce for greater AI adoption. We will discuss insights into critical activities for managers over the next five years, including improving employee understanding of AI, reviewing AI-generated work, and preparing staff for AI augmentation.
  • The relationship between people and technology: Dive deep into the balance between human and machine roles in the workplace, both now and in the foreseeable future and how this impacts people strategies.

Join us to understand the shifts your organization can expect from AI and how it can help you transform for future growth.

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