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Behind every government mission, a team of people influences the success. From defining requirements to acquiring goods and services, each person plays a vital role in achieving the mission. People’s competencies and commitment to the mission determine how well all supporting activities come together. As a long-time partner to public sector organizations, we have extensive experience training people in core government activities.

The Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM) program is for acquisition professionals in the Federal Government performing program and project management activities and functions. Program and Project Managers (P/PMs) are critical to project success - including developing accurate government requirements, defining measurable performance standards, and managing life-cycle activities to ensure that intended outcomes are achieved. The FAC-P/PM focuses on essential functional and technical competencies needed for P/PMs. It does not include agency-specific competencies. The purpose of this program is to establish general training and experience requirements for those acquisition program and project management professionals. The FAC-P/PM applies to all executive agencies, except the Department of Defense (DoD).  
FAC-P/PM is a contributing element of the Program Management Improvement Accountability Act (PMIAA).

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FAC-P/PM credentials are becoming more and more important for most government agencies as they work to incorporate the Program Management Improvement Accountability Act (PMIAA). As a result, fine tuning program/project management, contract management and execution leadership are critical activities. These are also areas in which many government organizations face skills gaps due to a retiring workforce, competitive labor market, and evolving requirements.
Investing in today’s government talent starts to fill the gap and increases overall job satisfaction, ultimately addressing other workforce issues.

Regardless of your mission, success in today’s workplace requires the right skill sets, an adaptive approach and responsive mindset. 
By training project, program and contract managers through programs such as FAC-P/PM certifications, your employees will gain access to the tools and resources that equip them to think beyond the projects they are familiar with, develop the ability to respond better to unexpected changes, make decisions with authority, and collaborate across teams.

Most other Korn Ferry training programs in project management, business analysis, contract management and adaptive leadership also qualify for Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) to help you maintain your certification.

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