Talent Hub Practitioner Training

Maximise return on investment using the assessments in your organisation


Talent Hub Practitioner Training provides the knowledge, skill and confidence to use the Korn Ferry Talent Hub to support talent focused initiatives in the UK and internationally.

Who it’s aimed at

The training is intended for HR and talent practitioners within organisations that have purchased or are considering purchasing the Korn Ferry Talent Hub. The training is aimed at talent acquisition and talent management practitioners, HR practitioners and coaches involved in initiatives including hiring decisions, talent assessment, interviewing, personal development planning and facilitating development feedback sessions. Alternative training is recommended for those whose role is to administer the solutions within the Talent Hub. Please contact us for more details.

Why attend

  • Increase the accuracy of talent decisions.
  • Reduce time in identifying what success looks like using Korn Ferry’s evidence-based success profiles.
  • Improve the effectiveness of assessments in line with best practice.
  • Maximise return on investment using the assessments in your organisation.
  • Contribute to a robust assessment process within your organisation or client organisation.

Course format

The training consists of 2 parts;

1. Up to 2 hours of pre-course work completed via an e-learning platform*

  • Learn from our science and best practice video.
  • Experience completing an assessment in the talent platform receiving your own Development Report on the 2-day training programme.

*The e-learning platform also includes information about your facilitator the venue and more detailed information about the course programme.

2. Attendance to the 2-day practical workshop which can be delivered as an onsite or public event.

On the programme5 modules will be covered and this will be done via a mix of facilitator input group discussions and practical exercises aimed at developing confidence in using the outputs from the Talent Hub.

You will be able to review the profile outputs and apply these to your own development. The training is accompanied by a comprehensive set of training material to support ongoing use of the Talent Hub.

On the training you will get the opportunity to gain coaching and feedback from our expert facilitators to further develop your skills in particular your skills in using the profile outputs from the Talent Hub.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the research behind the Korn Ferry Talent Hub.
  • Evaluate and apply success profiles to link assessments to key role criteria.
  • Implement assessment best practice as part of talent initiatives.
  • Interpret report profiles accurately to understand key insights.
  • Apply report profiles effectively as part of feedback.
  • Apply the -Talent Hub as part of a range of talent initiatives.

In House

If you would like more information on the option of running the Talent Hub Practitioner Training in house, please contact us


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