Adaptive Project Leadership

Take control in complex environments

Our adaptive project leadership training

What if complex environments and situations could become areas where your business thrives the most? What would the impact be if each leader developed the adaptive skills and mindset to operate in an uncertain and ambiguous setting confidently and effectively?

As businesses worldwide continue to change as a result of shifts and influences both internally and externally, the behaviors, skills, and tools required of leaders have evolved – It is essential that you have the people in place who can drive digital transformation.

Investing in professional development is an investment for taking control in complex digital environments to drive results.

What sets our adaptive project leadership training apart?

  • Each course is designed to create positive behavioral change for learners that in turn influence the strategic results driving business value
  • Prestigious credential opportunity from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business
  • Superior facilitators and content for real-world implementation.
  • Global footprint and experience evolving individual and organizational digital leadership capabilities
  • Unrivaled vault of intellectual property and extensive research into the profiles of successful digital leaders
  • Offering a multitude of training modalities ensuring a positive learning experience for all individuals

Adaptive Leadership Certificate 

Skills to succeed in a volatile and complex environment

The Adaptive Strategic Execution Program (ASEP), built in partnership with Duke Corporate Education, focuses explicitly on building leaders as they navigate unanticipated market shifts and unpredictable industry disruptions. Our proven business techniques combined with Duke Corporate Education’s cutting-edge university research infuse the program with a one-of-a-kind perspective designed to transform the way work gets done. To earn a program certificate of completion from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, two required courses and four electives must be successfully completed.

Consisting of eight courses, the program will holistically equip learners with the necessary adaptive leadership skills to succeed in our volatile and complex environment. We create adaptive project leaders who can:

  • Think and act strategically to understand, respond to, and influence the vision, goals, and intended outcomes of the work
  • Constantly redefine and reconfigure the work to execute the strategy as effectively and efficiently as possible
  • Engage people doing the work through meaningful interaction that unlocks their potential

Graduates of these courses will leave with the ability to significantly affect positive change in their organization. Adopting principles of adaptive leadership and consistently practicing them enables them to succeed where others have failed. 

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What will you gain from the adaptive project leadership training?

Our adaptive project leadership training is made up of courses specifically designed to equip employees with the right skills and mindset to tackle complexity head on. Adaptive leadership is a skills framework at the forefront of the latest thinking in leadership and development which enables individuals and organizations to adapt and thrive in the face of complicated situations. It is the framework that changes behavior and moves individuals from a manager to an adaptive leader, ready to thrive even in uncertainty.

Equip learners with the necessary skills to succeed

  • Make sense of the complex context within which strategy must be executed
  • Manage stakeholder relationships to ensure successful strategy execution
  • Align strategy with work to reduce the strategy execution performance gap
  • Influence work activities to optimize strategy execution
  • Deliver optimal business value while executing the strategy
  • Build highly effective, distributed, and diverse strategy execution teams
  • Drive and influence the change required to execute the strategy 
  • Apply design thinking to improve the results of strategic initiatives

Proven results

  • 93 percent of learners said that their training was a worthwhile investment in the career.
  • “I think after this training, I will now be faster and more effective at identifying change and adapting my team’s work and meeting structure to deal with the situation.” -Past program participant
  • “In the face of ever-increasing global ambiguity, leadership has never been as important as it is now.” – Michael Chavez, CEO, Duke Corporate Education.

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