Industrial Manufacturing

In the world of industrial manufacturing, recognizing and capitalizing on opportunities for profitable growth is becoming increasingly difficult. Identifying, attracting and retaining top-level talent is a key success factor and distinguishing competitive advantage in the market. The need to create new value for customers and stakeholders requires specialized leaders who are learning-agile and able to drive change in a lean environment. They must possess the expertise and strategic focus to extract growth from mature markets, optimize global supply chains, and enhance operational productivity — all while overseeing corporate culture and managing considerable risk.

Korn Ferry’s consultants are located in key business centers around the globe, working with the world’s leading industrial manufacturers to help them identify leadership potential, accelerate readiness and energize transitions. We build comprehensive solutions that enable them to attract the internal and external talent with the mindset and tools to succeed in the market. And we leverage our expertise and proven solutions to implement smart, forward-thinking strategies with the vision and leadership in place to create stability, enhance corporate culture and drive value.




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