Download: A people-powered solution to climate change

December 9, 2021

Download the PDF to learn why companies need to focus on people to achieve carbon neutrality.


Even those companies that have committed to reaching net zero by 2030 and are clear about what actions they need to take to get there may struggle to achieve the kind of transformation we all need to see.

Why is this? It’s because all the planning has so far focused on environmental science and technology—but it is the people in organizations who will be the real drivers of change.

This paper looks at what sustainability leaders can do to complement their environmental science with behavioral science while enhancing and refining their carbon neutrality strategies, before it is too late.

Download for:

  • Why addressing climate change must be human-centric.
  • The six key people dimensions that are central to any corporate effort addressing climate change.
  • How to start defining and addressing these six people dimensions in your organization.

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