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We looked at the six fundamental data points of selling to understand how changes within the market have impacted the dos and don’ts of winning more deals.

  1. Sellers spend only 32% of their time selling and 18% of their time prospecting and preparing for calls
  2. 78% of world-class sellers use a formal process to effectively gain access to and engage key decision-makers
  3. 86% of world-class sales performers provide their clients with insights and perspective that reframe thinking
  4. Sales organizations that provide perspective in client and prospect conversations have higher win rates than 23% of organizations that don’t
  5. 86% of world class sellers effectively use questioning skills to establish customer needs as compared with only 40% overall
  6. Sales organizations with managers who are more effective at developing and coaching salespeople have higher quote attainment than 24% of their peers

Sales Effectiveness

Breakthrough to immediate, predictable & sustainable sales effectiveness

To keep winning business, sales organizations need to keep pace with changes in the market and close the gap between buyers and sellers.

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