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NOTE: This training is restricted to employees of client organizations that currently use the Korn Ferry Hay Guide Chart - Profile Method. Organizations that are interested in finding out more about the Korn Ferry Hay Job Evaluation Method should contact us.

Thousands of organizations—including more than half of the world’s largest companies—rely on Korn Ferry Hay’s job evaluation methodology to help them bring together the right people, jobs and structures to execute their strategies. Commonly known as The Korn Ferry Hay Job Evaluation Method, our system provides clients with a consistent and objective framework to analyze organizational structures, evaluate people and jobs, define career progressions, develop pay and reward programs, and manage their human resources more effectively.

This training course is designed to teach you how to value work in your organization through both discussion and hands-on practice, learning from the expertise of a senior Korn Ferry consultant and the shared experiences of Korn Ferry clients.

Course objectives

  • Learn how work is valued using job evaluation
  • Learn what job evaluation is and how it adds value in your organization
  • Introduce the core applications of job evaluation: work alignment, work value and work fit
  • Learn how to measure work using the Korn Ferry Hay Guide Chart – Profile Method
  • Understand the concepts behind job evaluation – criteria, weights, and techniques

Provide a language with which you can understand and discuss similarities, differences, and relationships in work and jobs.

Who should attend

The training course is designed for individuals who are accountable for valuing work in their organizations, including compensation management, organization effectiveness, and human resources development. It teaches a basic understanding of how to value work using the Korn Ferry Hay Guide Charts and is intended for those who need to evaluate jobs and roles, and who have little or no previous experience with The Korn Ferry Hay Job Evaluation Method.

Course format

This is a three-step training course consisting of:

Step 1: One-hour webinar

  • Introduction to the program and learning objectives
  • Job evaluation in context
  • The value of job evaluation in your organization

Step 2: Self-study online module

  • Completed at your own pace over the designated period
  • Fundamentals of the Korn Ferry Hay Guide Chart – Profile Method
  • Self-study online module allows you to progress at your own pace
  • Guided exercises to help you test your understanding as you proceed
  • Must be completed with a pass mark prior to attending the classroom session

Step 3: Virtual Classroom Sessions

  • Review and reinforcement of the online training module with a Korn Ferry consultant
  • Practical application of the principles of the methodology using a global standard case study
  • Opportunity for participants to ask specific questions regarding their company’s internal processes and gain insight from others

Note: The self-study online JE training module must be completed prior to the start of the classroom session. Access to the module is provided immediately after the webinar.


The registration fee for the Introduction to Job Evaluation training course is $2,500 CAD, plus applicable taxes for each participant.


To register for a session, just click on the appropriate link on the right.


Date: June 23, 2020
Location: Virtual
Fee: $2,500 CAD plus applicable taxes




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