Globalization morphs: The golden opportunity for CDOs to be strategic leaders

Leaders are rethinking corporate diversity and inclusion as simply a recruitment issue and implementing programs to address specific business challenges.

Globalization upended every facet of organizations, starting with how and where work gets done, with profound effects for diversity executives. But the disruption presented by globalization hasn’t slowed.

Today new globalization-related trends are forcing leaders of corporate diversity efforts to rethink diversity as simply a recruitment issue and instead implement diversity programs designed to address specific challenges. They are:

More markets emerge. Companies are moving beyond the BRIC nations and need cultural dexterity skills to navigate the complexity of working across borders, languages, cultures, mores, and interpretations of laws.

Local talent magnets. Local companies have become very attractive employers because they better understand the mindset, aspirations, and desires of local talent.

Re-shoring jobs. Manufacturing jobs are coming back to the U.S., or to “near-shoring” locations that save on shipping costs and speed up time to market.

Collapsing talent pipeline. Education shortfalls for African-American and Latino students are a threat to the competitiveness of the U.S. talent pool.

These challenges, however, arrive with opportunities: Chief Diversity Officers who can get out ahead and lead on these new fronts will become strategic leaders for their organizations.

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