The Essentials: Advice for Board Directors

Korn Ferry’s top articles about governance, succession, and diversity.

Shareholder activism was on the minds of many board directors this year, as high-profile showdowns at GE, Procter & Gamble, and other firms brought the issue into the spotlight. That wasn’t the only thing concerning boards in 2017. On this “Essentials” list, Korn Ferry lays out the how directors should think about some of their most pressing issues.

The Three Most Critical Issues for Today’s Board Directors

Jane Stevenson of Korn Ferry’s Board & CEO Services practice says directors overlook these topics at their peril.

2030: The Very Human Future of Work

No, robots aren’t going to take all the jobs. In fact, the evidence suggests we’re indispensable, even in the boardroom. Find out why.

Should Directors Act Like Activists?

How thinking like a well-intentioned activist can help improve your company’s future.

What Makes Women CEOs Different?

Korn Ferry interviewed 57 women current and former CEOs and discovered several key insights on what traits put women ahead despite persistent diversity issues.

Taking One for the Team

There’s a growing—and compelling—case for successful directors to walk away from the board on their own.


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