Harnessing the power of YOU

Embrace the ‘FYI® Traits’ philosophy for personal and professional growth.

Have you ever felt as though certain traits were holding you back from reaching your full potential? Whether it's losing interest in projects or struggling to adapt to new situations, these inclinations can sometimes feel like obstacles. But there's a way forward: it's called FYI® Traits.

In our new publication, FYI® Traits, Korn Ferry offers a liberating approach to harnessing the power of what makes you “you.” Rooted in decades of research, the FYI® Traits philosophy provides a pathway to better understanding ourselves and others. We also adapt these insights for professional and personal growth. In a world that often values conformity, FYI® Traits encourages us to break the mold and broaden our characteristics as a toolkit for success.

The essence of personality and identity lies in the unique patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that shape our actions and decisions. Korn Ferry's personality model, based on the widely accepted "Big Five" traits, emphasizes Agility, Striving, Presence, Agreeableness, and Positivity. While personality traits are typically stable over time, recent studies suggest they can evolve throughout life due to biological mechanisms and life events. This understanding offers opportunities for intentional development rather than radical change. The FYI® Traits philosophy emphasizes awareness and intentionality, aiming to broaden behavioral repertoires without completely changing who we are. By consciously approaching situations and deliberately cultivating natural variations in behaviors, we can expand our choices while maintaining our core characters.

Balancing authenticity with adaptability is crucial for personal and professional growth. Being authentic doesn't mean sticking to fixed behaviors but staying true to our values, even when our actions deviate from our usual patterns. For professionals and leaders, authenticity is about serving a common purpose, not just focusing on self-interest. Developing a diverse range of behaviors helps navigate different situations effectively.

To expand your behavioral repertoire, set specific goals and practice behaviors in various situations. For example, if you're naturally introverted, challenge yourself to initiate conversations in group settings. This might feel uncomfortable at first, but with practice, it becomes easier. The key is to remain adaptable and responsive to different contexts.

Understanding our personality traits also guides us in choosing tasks aligned with our strengths, leading to better job performance and satisfaction. Enhancing professional success involves setting specific goals, gradually building confidence, and adapting behaviors to diverse environments. The FYI® Traits philosophy encourages people to blend self-awareness with developing behavioral versatility, creating a powerful foundation for success.

Personality traits are both stable and flexible, changing gradually over time due to maturity and life events. It's unnecessary to force drastic changes or throw ourselves into extreme situations for dramatic outcomes. Instead, we should understand that our traits reflect what we typically do across various circumstances. We can develop by trying new things, learning skills, gaining confidence, and practicing in different settings. By doing this, we can achieve our goals without sacrificing our authenticity. Embracing your unique traits as assets rather than seeing them as limitations not only allows you to excel in your career but also enriches your relationships and overall well-being.

To learn more about the FYI® Traits philosophy, click the image to download the full paper.