Cultural Transformation

Do you have a culture to succeed? Is your culture empowering your people?

Culture tells your employees how to act and what to do without the need to direct them. It accelerates business strategy. It strengthens brands and protects against risk. And it serves as an anchor for your people in volatile times.

Most leaders know that culture matters, but they struggle to align their culture and strategy. To make change stick, you first need to change mindsets across every level of the organization. This means tapping into your employees’ unconscious assumptions and engaging and enabling them to change.

We create experiences that prompt mindset shifts, sparking the desire to do things differently and the energy to sustain behavioral change at scale. Our unique advantage lies in our deep understanding of human nature, our vast database of insights on the human experience and our ability to redesign the complete human operating system. We're proving that when behavioral change happens, everything else follows.


Companies that have a strong sense of identity, who don’t just let culture happen but define, design and nurture it, will come out ahead. Culture 360 is Korn Ferry’s proven approach to evolving organizations’ ways of working in this era of rapid business, social and cultural transformation. 

Grounded in truths about organizational psychology and human behavior and dedicated to “total system” transformation, Culture 360 helps organizations to:

  • Align leadership and set up structures to support culture governance
  • Develop a future state Cultural Blueprint designed to accelerate business strategy
  • Assess the gap between current and desired cultures
  • Define or evolve cultural purpose, values and behaviors to support transformation objectives
  • Address policies, processes and practices that are roadblocks to new ways of working
  • Drive mindset and behavior change through communications, training and talent processes
  • Track progress towards transformation objectives.

We support clients in pulling a full range of structural and behavioral levers in the right combinations and at the right times to produce the desired changes to individual and organizational behaviors, driving real change. 




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