Change Management

A People-Centered Approach to Change Management 

Transformations most often fail because of people – they don’t understand the vision or they are comfortable with the status quo and actively resist new ways of working.

At Korn Ferry, we understand people. We sense and respond to their needs and ensure change happens not to them but with them.    

Our global team of Change Management practitioners approach change from the perspective of those impacted. They aim to inspire your people through purpose, build trust through transparency and communication and invite participation and co-creation at every step.

Whether you are looking to realize the full ROI from your investment in a Korn Ferry product, new solution or technology, or manage through a complex enterprise-wide transformation, we provide a 360 support system around employees that creates belief, alignment and adoption. 


Traditional change management – often characterized by heavy process, lengthy timelines and clunky rollouts – won’t cut it in a rapidly changing world. We’ve evolved the practice of talent management to be quick, agile and human-centric. Here are some of the ways our consultants can help you successfully deliver change:

Understanding your change needs

We draw on a range of assessments to understand how best to deliver change within your organization.

  • Change Management Maturity Assessment​
  • Change Impact Assessment​
  • Top Team Performance Assessment​
  • Organizational Culture Assessment​
  • Organizational Networking Analysis​
  • Training Needs Assessment​

Making transformation happen

We know how to pull all the change levers in concert to accelerate total systems transformation. Our consulting solutions include:

  • Change strategy and planning​
  • Change governance​
  • Change capability development​
  • Change toolkits and methods ​
  • Employee behavior change ​
  • Change communications and internal campaigns​
  • Change tracking and measures ​

Building your change capability

We don’t just come in and manage change for you, we also build your change management muscle along the way. Our solutions include:

  • Leading Change Accelerator ​
  • Managing Change Workshop ​
  • Change Management Simulation​
  • Leading Virtually Accelerator ​
  • Activating Personal Agility Accelerator ​
  • Coaching Accelerator ​




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