Cultural Transformation

Organizations that thrive are those best able to align their culture to their strategy. But transforming workforce culture is difficult. It means undoing unspoken ‘rules’ and challenging unconscious behaviors. It determines what people do when no one is telling them what to do. For over 50 years, we have been experts at changing behavior at an individual, team and organization level, dramatically transforming the cultures of the world’s most admired companies to build dynamic organizations and achieve spectacular results.


  • We focus on strength. exposing underlying assumptions and disconnects that stand in the way of cultural growth and preserving the aspects of organizational culture that serve as building blocks for future performance and stability. We apply groundbreaking technologies, help leaders change ingrained ways of thinking and build strategies that energize employees and inspire loyalty and performance.
  • We know human behavior. For nearly fifty years we have led global thinking on human behavior. This foundation propels our vision and validates our approach to cultural transformation.
  • We start with a deep dive into the current culture. Our actions are driven by quantitative (Culture Survey, Organizational Analytics) and qualitative measures (interviews, observation of team meetings, focus groups).
  • We identify the future organizational culture. Using our Strategy Decode method and external benchmarking, we define the culture that will deliver on the organization's strategy.
  • We measure the unmeasurable. We go beyond the obvious to quantify and measure unconscious drivers of behavior.
  • We encourage positive thinking. we develop a shared story to eliminate workplace culture fears and barriers and build the desire to change.
  • We make change happen. We align leadership around a shared cultural vision and change plan, we align the organization to the vision (including new operating models and structures) and we embed the desired culture across all HR strategy and frameworks.


A successfully shifting culture builds a sweeping momentum of its own, and the results can be stunning:

  • One tech firm saw increased share price within one year.
  • A global food business credited cultural transformation for $400 million in top line revenue growth.
  • A retail banking client saw a 26% sales increase after working with branch leaders on culture change.
  • One telecom client reported increased employee engagement and a two-point increase in EBITDA after working with us.
  • One mining client revamped their leadership culture and saw a 70% drop in grievances.
  • A life sciences client retained 94% of top talent, and 98% of managers and directors despite restructuring.




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