Performance Management

Performance management systems are the subject of lively debate, and top priority for smart forward-thinking organizations. Traditional systems reward individual achievement at the expense of collaboration and teamwork. They goal-set and evaluate annually, fixed thinking that is not agile enough for today’s mindset. They reward past performance while ignoring the future. And they spend too much time on performance appraisal and not enough time on performance improvement. The evidence is in. Performance management is ripe for a change.

We create new generation systems and pay-for-performance plans that engage employees, drive productivity, and ensure a strong linkage between reward programs and results. Our services include:

  • Assessing current performance management systems to maximize return on time and investment.
  • Surveying employees to allow them to give feedback on their own performance management experiences.
  • Making sure that performance management processes add value each step of the way.
  • Reviewing performance rating distribution and compensation distribution to ensure performance is being properly rewarded.
  • Assessing the unintended consequences of forced distributions.
  • Making sure that performance dialogue actually drives performance.

The results? A more modern, forward-thinking performance management system, increased role definition, heightened interactivity and transparency - and a smarter, happier, more efficient organization.


A well-designed performance management strategy aligns with corporate strategy and supports the culture of the organization. By being smart about managing people, we maximize employee productivity, keep key employees engaged, and build real value now and into the future.

  • We take a holistic approach. We have experts in every aspect of performance management from organization design to talent management, reward and leadership development.
  • We deliver business outcomes. We create tighter linkages between the way in which value is created in your organization and the way in which performance is defined, measured and rewarded.
  • We create two-way dialogues. Where honest and frequent performance conversations and feedback happen throughout the year.
  • We believe in team play. We understand how to reward organizational and team as well as individual outcomes.
  • We look to the future. We enable both managers and employees to focus on performance improvement as much as performance evaluation.




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