E-learning Job Evaluation KF Hay method | Netherlands (English session)

This E-learning Job Evaluation Korn Ferry Hay method is a combination of theory and practical assignments.

The Korn Ferry Hay method enables you to define and compare jobs within and across business units with unsurpassed rigor. The unique integrated model enables evaluation across an entire organization or within distinct job groups or families.

This E-learning is a combination of theory and practical assignments followed by a 2-hour recap with one of our consultants and will give you a basic understanding of how to calculate measure jobs and roles up to mid-level using the Korn Ferry Hay method. It takes approximately 7-9 hours to complete. It is a self-paced learning environment, so you can pause and resume at your convenience. 

Afterwards you will have a session (webinar) of 2 hours with one of our consultants to recap what you have learned, answer questions and practice with evaluating a job. In this way you are able to acquire the certification necessary to evaluate jobs in your own organization.

Who it's aimed at

This program is only open to organizations that are official and licensed users of the Korn Ferry Hay Guide Chart-profile method of job evaluations.

It is not available to third parties or independent HR consultants.

Why attend

With your new skills you will be able to:

  • understand the basis of the Korn Ferry Hay method and the process by which it is applied;
  • develop insights into the concepts underlying the Korn Ferry Hay method and its role in supporting reward systems;
  • be prepared to challenge the process for valuing work and how best to design jobs or roles;
  • evaluate roles up to mid-level within your organization;
  • officially certified to be able to do Job Evaluations.


  • E-learning Job Evaluation including recap 2 hours consultant: EUR 1,400 per person
  • E-learning Job Evaluation only: EUR 550 per person

To be applied for at nl-trainingcoordinators@kornferry.com

Other possibility Job Evaluation course:

Should this not be entirely appropriate to your needs, then an in-company JE training is also a possibility. The minimum number of participants is 5. For price information and / or more information, please mail to: nl-trainingcoordinators@kornferry.com.



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