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Evaluate roles up to mid-level within your organisation


Learn the basics from the experts

The Korn Ferry method enables you to define and compare jobs within and across business units with unsurpassed rigor. The unique integrated model enables evaluation across an entire organisation or within distinct job groups or families.

This two-day course will give you a basic understanding of how to calculate jobs and roles up to mid-level using the Hay Group method.

Who it’s aimed at

This programme is only open to organisations that are official and licensed users of the Hay Group Guide Chart-profile method of job evaluation SM.

It is not available to third parties or independent HR consultants.

Alternative options:

If you need to evaluate top level roles require training for more than three colleagues at a time or only need a short refresher then please contact us to discuss alternate options to the public programme.

Why attend

With your new skills you will be able to:

  • understand the basis of the Korn Ferry method and the process by which it is applied
  • develop insights into the concepts underlying the Hay Group method and its role in supporting reward systems
  • be prepared to challenge the process for valuing work and how best to design jobs or roles
  • be able to evaluate roles up to mid-level within your organisation

Course format

Our experts will teach you through an interactive approach using a case study and in group exercises.

The two-day programme will give you:

  • a practical understanding of the Hay Group Job Evaluation method
  • an understanding of why job evaluation is so important
  • the tools to evaluate work and techniques for ensuring consistency and reliability

During the course you will:

  • apply your learning in group exercises evaluating different job types in the context of an organisational structure
  • workshop with other professionals across different sectors and share your experience
  • be able to discuss the issues with a senior Hay Group consultant
  • a demonstration of our online Job Evaluation tool JEM

In House

If you would like more information on the option of running the Job Evaluation Training in house, please contact us.


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